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A L E X   H O T E L

PerthWestern Australia


"I didn't actually want to leave the hotel, so all I did was staying at the hotel without leaving it any minute because it made me feel like home."

Earlier this year during my visit to Perth (Western Australia), I managed to stay at Alex Hotel.  I have been eyeing at this hotel through their online presence that attracted my visual satisfaction. But let me take you through details and why I highly recommend you to stay here.

Well, 'why Alex Hotel?'
Location, Location, Location! 

Alex Hotel is an independently owned boutique hotel located in one of the strategic location in the heart of Northbridge, around 3 minutes walk from Perth Underground (known as Perth Central Station).
Northbridge itself is a vibrant suburban in the heart of Perth, it is known for Perth's night life, bars, clubs, Chinatown (surely a tiny chinatown), cool cafes, restaurants and even late night dining and it is all in walking distance from your doorsteps. It is very strategic that you only need 3 minutes walk to train station and bus stop (CAT bus stop). Alex Hotel is very convenient for travellers who prefer the walkable distance and efficiency.



When you stay in a hotel, do you often wish your bedroom look like that? I actually did during my stay. I was lucky enough to be given a room at the top level (they have six levels).

I have the most amazing room situation with a little balcony looking out to the rooftop area, Northbridge and a bit of skyscrapers. Do not worry of the noise, the room is sound proof. The pink bed head might be my favourite part of the room, it makes the room feel alive. The bed itself is comfortable and the cloud pillow (as what I'd like to call a puffy comfortable pillow) enhances sleeping experience.  

Speaking of the bathroom, I was surprised when I found out about the glass windowed shower that can actually be lifted up (with control button) and show you such view while taking a shower.  It is a quite spacious shower area and I really like the concept of environmental-friendly shower amenities that comes in refillable dispensers.
The complimentary water in the room comes in recyclable glass bottle and how this hotel minimised its plastic usage should be well appreciated considering the environmental concerns. The room also has few charging ports which is very useful for travellers with different devices. 

Ready for some real-deal visual experience? The visual experience is a compliment to the real experience at Alex Hotel. I really hope my photos can speak for the hotel itself. Because I genuinely really like my stay and everything about this hotel.
Hotel Lobby

Espresso Lounge
Espresso Bar

IMG_8131 3
Perth at Night from Roof Terrace
My favourite part of the hotel might be the roof terrace. From up above, you can enjoy the perfect sunset with wine or the night view wasn't bad too. The furnitures really compliment the terrace and created such a nice hang-out vibe that makes you feel like home even though you're in the middle of the city. 

Mezzanine Breakfast Bar and Lounge


It is a nice and cozy breakfast bar, my only critic is that I wish the hotel provide more options for Gluten Free/Dairy Free. If you need any inspiration for your living room, Mezzanine Lounge is your go to. It has vinyl station, board games and drinks bar as well as stocked book shelves. The furnitures are unquestionably sophisticated and chic. 

Overall, I would give my stay 4.5 out of 5. The price is reasonable considering its location, hotel facilities, services and the overall experience. I highly recommend to stay at Alex Hotel if you are visiting Perth for a short period of time and still want to get the best out of the city because you save time in getting from place to place within the city. It is also free traveling by bus in CBD area. 


  • You can book directly from Alex Hotel official website.
  • Book through via this link to get AUD $20 off your booking.

Disclaimer : This is an honest review and I am not sponsored by Alex Hotel.  

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