Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Day Trip to CANBERRA from SYDNEY


the capital city of Australia

Many of you may not know that Canberra is the official capital city of Australia, a lot of people might never heard of it. 
Couple days ago, The Lonely Planet just announced Canberra as one of their best city to visit in 2018 (came in the third place after Seville in Spain and Detroit in USA). It wins over big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. 
What's the buzz?

In this blog post, I am not going to be a smart *ss and write you a whole guide about Canberra. It was a coincidence that I recently visited Canberra with some friends one week before the announcement came out. We went there just for the day (literally three hours) and visited some places and I thought because sharing is caring, here's what I did in Canberra.


Canberra is approximately three hours drive from Sydney and also accessible by plane (45mins flight). The city itself is pretty small. I could not speak for the outskirt of town but the city centre is vibrant and filled with sophisticated hotel buildings (I am talking about legit architecture), gardens and parks, a lot of National treasury buildings and so on. Fun fact : there are many free parkings on the weekend!

My friends and I arrived in Canberra around lunch time on a Saturday. It was supposed to be 'spring' but I guess the weather wasn't really our friend because it was gloomy and cold (note that Canberra is colder than Sydney, on their winter days, it usually snow or hit zero degrees or even minus). 


Our first stop in Canberra was The Cupping Room, noted as one of the top brunch to visit in Canberra. To order your coffee here, you choose the selection of blends then choose to add milk or leave it black, there's no such thing as latte or cappuccino. I had the Salmon dish, which was so tasty.


Then we drove to visit the new Parliament House and I could not stop looking at every corner of its interior. It's basically marble everywhere and I am truly mesmerised. It is free to enter the Parliament House but you are not allowed to enter some spaces within the area, unless you are a part of arranged tours. If you are curious about Australian History, I would recommend to take an arrange tour or make a stop at Australian War Memorial just 5 minutes drive from the Parliament House.


Last stop of the Canberra day trip was Mount Ainslie look out. From this look out point, you get the million dollar view of Canberra and your postcard moment.

In my opinion, Canberra is a good short getaway for the weekend, especially if you are living in Sydney. The city is really small but compact. They have a lot to offer and it is perfect for people who want to do a lot of things with a short amount of time. The city is easier to be accessed by car or you can join arranged tours and it is a perfect getaway for families with kids. 

I hope my short escape to Canberra can help you or inspire you to explore the city as a whole. Let me know which places you visited so I might visit them in the future :)

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