Saturday, September 23, 2017

New Era.




Dear youngster,

the world is always evolving

so do you.

you and I will go through the same phase in life where,

there will be a turning point in every end of a road

there will be ice cream, chocolate if you wanted to
and dear youngster,

I am talking to you

don't be too hard on yourself,

for a love needs to be devoted to your beloved soul

and nourish it with positive energy
finally youngster, 

I am talking to you,

dear my old self

the new Lenny gives zero damn about your one or two things, and 

if she can always come to the phone right away, 

it's none of your business.


These whole month has been a roller coaster of emotion and physical health. I have been so goddamn exhausted. Pardon me if the come back always includes complains, but I do want to keep the plot story honest and transparent here. Not because of peer pressure (oh come on, you are not Taylor Swift, Lenny)!
I decided to cut my hair short in one good afternoon after work. No, I did not break up with my boyfriend (we are perfectly fine). Every time I have a new hair do, I always feel like a completely different person and to be honest this latest hair do has given myself a whole new level of confidence; a sassy and fierce looking one. It also happened to be Spring when I have my hair cut, so I guess I can call it 'ready for Spring'? :)


Looking back at myself and the whole transformation, I am always surprised on how different I have become from a person I was last year or years before. How I have gained my confident, how I have discovered my style and know which pieces that work for me and which don't, how I value quality over quantity, how I have only a few good friends, how everything has shifted in a way I never thought of 5 years ago. 
I guess all the turning point in life is going to happen to all of us, later in life, or some time.. I guess all the road will lead us here, to a point where you will understand yourself so well and love it better. And I am just so thankful for everything that happened to me lately, I have seen myself grow so much internally and I am really thankful. I am ready for the new era. 


Photographed by Caroline Ng 

Bralette (as outerwear) - ZARA
Sheer White Top - ROMWE.COM
BOOTS - Vintage


  1. She looks stunning in that dress. Its such a nice combination of black and white and it looks so clean and elegant. I love that hat she's wearing too.