Sunday, August 6, 2017



To you,
when you wake up in the morning, 
I hope you think of me,
how I miss you
how I long for your arms
how I wish to spend my mornings
next to you,
talking about absolutely ridiculous things,
sipping my coffee while staring at your face..

These miles have done its justice
for the fact that I can't kiss you right now
kills me
your whispers in my ears,
your scent,
your touch,
'I love you', I murmured in my prayers
wishing to be where you are,
with your favourite breakfast and your cup of cappuccino

and when the night comes,
this city feels lonely,
seems like it is missing your presence,
just like I do,
these roses are pastels, but my flame will always be red
for you.

Lenny Novitasari 
Aug 6th '17

An immense influence of millennials era has gone way and beyond to the point where shopping through your finger tip has made possible. Through visual presentations and preferences, anyone can make a purchase on their devices for absolutely everything, including flowers. I understand that most of us prefer to visit markets or seeing the object directly before purchasing as well as the chance to 'gram it before buying them, but I couldn't be more impressed for the fact that ordering flowers online is now possible, thanks to Flowers Across Australia. 

Flowers Across Australia provides flower delivery services in Sydney and Melbourne upon your request. There are varieties of selections based on your particular occasions, flower types, bouquet style, price range, and they also provide gift selections to go along with your flowers (mind blowing). I find it pretty impressive and make surprising your significant others easier, well as the person who lives far from home and having my best friends overseas, I love to send my love during their special days with gifts or pampered them. I find this service really helpful and innovative in this millennials era.

Here is how to order :
Step 1 
Head to their website here. 

Step 2
Choose your flowers. You can choose based on occasions/flower types/Style/ or you can create your own bouquet. Then add any gifts on the side (if needed), such as alcohol, balloons, gift card, etc. 
Step 3
Arrange the delivery.
This is why I choose Flowers Across Sydney. They make it possible to arrange the day of delivery as you wish. 
Step 4
Finalize payment 
Step 5
Sit back and relax, and your loved ones will love you more for that surprise.

Thank me later.


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