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A collaboration between The Pink Frame with an ultimate premium quality skin care brand and say bye to dry skin.

I understand how we dream of healthy skin especially our face and most of us would not mind to invest such amount of money in taking a good care of it. From going to facial almost every week or changing many skin care products and yet finding a perfect one still gives us problems. I personally have a sensitive skin, that would take couple of different products from different brands until I find a perfect one. Since I moved to Sydney, Australia, picking up the dry climate has been quite hard even though I have applied the daily moisturizer. But thanks to skin care revolution, a product called ARTISTRY is here.

As a premium quality brand, that contains organic material such fresh Norwegian Fjord Water, Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals and Hawaiian Acai that boost the skin hydration, healthier, smoother and signicant improvement in skin texture after 28 days. My sensitive skin picked up really well.

Here are the first couple products that I used and the steps to use them. I have to say my skin stayed hydrate and fresh and moisturized all day and night long.

1. Cleanse your face with the ARTISTRY Fresh Foaming Cleanser. (make sure you are using warm water for best result).
Personal review : The cleanser smells fresh, like a baby product's smell and its texture is gentle. It removes excess oil and residual makeup while leave moisture. What I like about this cleanser is its soap-free gel creates cushiony foam that rinses easily and did a better job than regular face cleanser. Right after I cleansed my face, it feels really fresh.




2. Apply ARTISTRY Vital Skin Serum Concentrate.
Personal review : Only few dots needed while applying on your face, it moisturized well and light up the skin. The serum has the same texture as its cleanser. The reasons of applying this serum before you put on the ARTISTRY mask is to secure and nurture minerals and elements on to the skin while the mask works its magic.


3. Put on the ARTISTRY Ampoule Mask. (and let it stays up to 30 minutes for best result)
Personal review : In the history of using face masks, I would say this is the best mask I have ever applied, yet. This mask has three layers; fine mesh lining, thicker mesh lining and the actual mask itself. The formula contains ultra-moisturizing hydra liposome with Norwegian Fjord Water which makes the mask really wet.

This product is for unisex. Oh meet Nick, my co-creative as well as boyfriend :)

After I removed the ARTISTRY Ampoule Mask, I feel my skin is really moisturized and I actually go the day without applying my daily moisturizer until the day I woke up (today), it stayed moisturized and not dry at all. 



Overall, I would highly recommend everyone who is reading this right now (and also happened to have dry skin) to use this product. Especially if you resides in Australia with its dry climate.

How to get this product :

ARTISTRY Contact Person : 
265 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000 

Artistry Hydra-V comes in a package valued at $260, consists of :
  • 1 Unit Mist Device (Fine spray of HYDRA V-Essence Mist- You can use this anytime-anywhere, I am going to review this next. So stay tune!)
  • 9ml x 6 Bottles Essence Mist Refill
  • 30g x 5 Sheets Ampoule Mask
  • 30ml Vita Skin Serum Concentrate

Note : Foaming Cleanser is sold separately with price $51.99

Since this is a collaboration between The Pink Frame and ARTISTRY, The Pink Frame reader will receive a 45mins Facial Treatment for only $40 (valued at $80) for every purchase of ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Package. 

Let me know your result and what you think about the product on the comment sections below. Looking forward to hear your thoughts and experience :)

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