Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kensington Street.



I chose to get out off my shell on the first day of long weekend, instead of glued on my bed all day long, in which I assumed as a good thing. I dressed up due to the escalated changing weather between sun's out, Mr. Cloudy, nor lite rain shower. It is always safe to wear one layer of knitted top for an unpredictable day and warm enough to go around town and eating burger. My roommate dragged me out and we checked out a burger place next to Westfield Bondi Junction, that was surprisingly good. Then we rolled out to Kensington Street for KOI Dessert Bar, as one of us wanted their limited edition cake "Easter Egg" (check it out on my instagram). FYI, KOI Dessert Bar is opened by Reynold Poernomo, the Masterchef Australia 2015 "dessert king" or "dessert phenomenon", he might not win the title, but he won a lot of hearts on his amazing dessert dishes. 


Kensington Street has a block of old buildings that's been turned as cafe, showroom, art space and they are all unique. This has became my favorite street so far for documenting outfit or simply chill-out place. (Shout out to Shirley for taking the photos!, my roomie, Winna, and the man behind account @eatingwithyoureyes_)




wearing : Pink Knitted Top - GAP // Black Culotte - Chic-a-Booti // Bag - ZARA


  1. nice pink top! it looks sweet on you :)

  2. Thank you! I love this warm pink top too!