Monday, July 27, 2015




"An expression, idea or element of

 an artistic work which has become overused 

to the point of losing its original meaning or effect."

wearing :
Trench Coat -  ZARA Australia 
Knitted Turtle Neck Grey Top -            Dotti
Black legging pants - Uniqlo Australia
Black Ankle Boots -      Valley Girl
Black Mini Messenger Bag -   Roxy Australia
Rings -   Lovisa Jewelry
Sunnies -   Gentle Monster


Do not question the layout of this post. It is a total different blog post I have ever written. The outfit inspired me to create a whole new idea. 

I am surprise how one Cliche-word could help you slide through the ordinary. 
At least in my perspective of ordinary.



Wind blows my hair not in a smooth way as seen on the pictures. It was harsh and cold and not coordinated while the shoot was taken. 
I mean, I was at Katoomba, Blue Mountain; a place well-known for its beautiful valley and The Three Sisters. I play casual yet minimal look, if you were wondering the weather, 7 Celcius degree at 10 A.M. -- Massively windy.


I never doubted the power of Uniqlo's Heattech, a technology from Uniqlo that helps you produce heat when you wear the product (comes in tank top or short/long sleeves) before you put on your top. 
Knitted clothing seems to work in sync to help my body boost some heat.

"I survived."

At least, I had meat fuels breakfast (bacon-sausage-eggs-hashbrowns-toast and a cup of latte) afterwards.



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