Sunday, May 17, 2015


It was so hard to sleep last night, even though my eyes screamed "3 watts" left. I had planned to wake up early like I normally do on weekend simply to chase sunrise, my new hobby that started nearly a month ago. If you were following my instagram, you would have seen my journey to Circular Quay and Bondi Beach, from morning run to chasing buses. Then, my first post of Chasing The Sun goes to my latest morning trip to Bronte Beach.

This morning, I did wake up early with eyes and body half awake, (hardly) getting out of bed and tried to run faster than the ticking clock. I, somehow, won the battle to get ready in time. Hopped on Bus 378 Route Railway Parade to Bronte Beach and sat calmly, put my headset on and played my regular playlist of Taylor Swift's 1989 ( I am her biggest fan!). Along the way, I was a bit worried about the sunrise because of the clouds, it looked like it was raining midnight and I would not be able to get the clear sunrise like what I always did. But then, I arrived at 6.23 AM (sun supposed to rise at 6.41 AM), first thing first : IT WAS COLD. 

A quite beach on early Autumn morning, such a rare view. The sun was totally covered by clouds and it was out of my expectation but frankly I arrived and all I do was living the moments.
I took out my camera (I am using Fujifilm XA1 with 16-50mm lens, in red colour) and my iPhone (iPhone 6's photo quality is great), snapped some photos in different angles, I also walked down to the famous Bronte pool. The waves that run through the pool gave swimmers the freshest taste of salty ocean water. 

I could not stop taking photos and my hands were dead-cold (if it is even a word), like they were taken out of freezer after you put them in for 5 minutes. But I could not stop, there is something about Bronte; its waves, surfers, pool... perhaps everything. I just wished the clouds were not jealous of the sun that it rained on its parade. I was not the only visitor this morning, there were some photographers with their professional grips and tripods and moving their spots. There were also some surfers trying to tame the waves, seeing them doing their things just inspire me to quickly spill my thoughts on this post, I can not wait until I have enough sleep and delay this experience. I think I will never stop doing this, I hope I will never stop chasing the sun :) 


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