Sunday, April 13, 2014

Black & White

Sydney's weather is the worst nowadays. The climate change is crazy. And it was really hard to take photos but luckily, though under the light rain in the end, I was be able to get some photos of today's outfit :)
Unpacking my winter clothes (read : jackets, coat, sweaters) as preparation of the coming up cold weather. 

In this post, I was wearing this long sleeves shirt I brought Giordano winter last year and skater skirt. I loveeeee skirt. Maybe 60% in my bottoms wardrobe are skirts :3 (not included dresses). Well, I just feel confident wearing them and plus, you can wear skirt for informal and formal occasion and you will still look chic and stunning :)


Nude Jacket from HongKong || Black&White Square Patterns Long Sleeves Shirt from Giordano ||
Zipped Embroidered Skater Skirt from ROMWE || Ankle Boots from Valley Girl