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T H E    M U L I A   R E S O R T 

A few years ago, the name "The Mulia Bali" surfaced to public, I wouldn't be able to provide you the official source, but I am sure it was mouth-to-mouth or Instagram being the absolute source. Then, it was when Conde Nast Traveler's named it the number one Beach Resort in the world in 2014, The Mulia Bali started everyone talking. 

Two months ago, I was visiting Bali for one week and it was a celebration of the fifth anniversary of my relationship with my boyfriend, Nick.
I was lucky enough to snap a good deal for one night stay at Mulia Resort Bali.  
I personally never stayed in a five star hotel before, left alone resort. I always opt for budget accomodation and I never thought of staying at any fancy places. But when this opportunity was right in front of me, I could not afford to let it pass by.

"The best thing to start an experience is to never expect anything to avoid disappointment."

Stairs from Level 7 (LOBBY) to Level 5 (Lower Lobby; Restaurants & Deli)

Stone-wall and marble compliments through-out the main lobby as well as interior. It didn't caught my eyes when I entered the main lobby.  
At the arrival, my partner and I were welcomed by the front receptionists who listed down the number of luggage, took our luggages and handed out a ticket. We headed straight to the main lobby area and were friendly helped by the one of the front receptionist. 

The main lobby is an open space where it lets you feel the Bali humidity and few steps from the front desk, you are welcomed with a brief view of the resort from a higher point of view. You will also find seating sections with different furniture designed to let the guests enjoy themselves at the lobby. Not until when I had to rush to the restroom that I realised, 'Damn this resort is legit real money!'. I am not exaggerating but a restroom with air- conditioner and automatic censored seated toilet that opens up once you enter the toilet and provides you warming seat and flushed itself when you leave the toilet.. and oh, it gives you option to clean your business (re: aftermath) for you, that is when I know I fell in love for the first time. 

View from Level 5

POOL Closer to Lobby


Okay, back to business. 

So we were able to check in at 3pm sharp. Nick and I were personally escorted to our room, few minutes walk from the main lobby. The room is located closer to the beach and beachside pool rather than it is to the main lobby. The lovely lady who escorted us to our room was giving few brief about the locations and a bit of the resort. Then we got to our room and as per se and procedure, she talked about the room, wifi (um, yeah), and things we need to know about our stay.










Game Changer

Speaking of our room, I won't say much about the room because I hope by the time you reach to this paragraph and judged the photos you'll know I have fainted in admiration of each and every corner of it (referring to marble vanity and double sink, the sleek bathtub and of course its millennial toilet). The bathroom itself is probably as big as my bedroom back home. But every hotel guest won't give any hindsight until they reach the main resting point, which is the bed. YES! The bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I personally do not know how to describe its comfort, but one thing for sure, it made you hard to leave even if you desperately need to go to toilet. The other thing to note is the most incredible pillow. I was blown away by the quality of comfort this big soft marshmallow-ish pillow that exquisitely accompanied me through my sleep. Then the next thing I know is a joyous swear "damn this is worth every single Rupiah out of our pocket"


We spent pretty much 24 hours without leaving the resort, so we have planned this very carefully to not have it ruined. We dined at three dining precincts at The Mulia Bali through-out the whole stay. 


On every stay, you will received complimentary breakfast buffet at The Cafe. Nick has told me about his previous experience at The Cafe and he warned me that I will utterly love it. Little did I know I somehow need to trust him (well he never bluffed) when it comes to food and dining experiences. 
It was probably the best hotel breakfast experience I ever had?  
When you entered The Cafe, there will be staff checking your room number and escorted you to your assigned table. The Cafe itself has all different cuisines at different stations and everything is freshly made at most of the station. My favourite was their french toast, the delicacy and melt in your mouth well-soaked bread and its sweet kick of maple syrup, ugh, take me away before I devour it all.
You can eat as much as you want and stay as long as you want (not after the breakfast time is over).
Eggs Station









Freshly made sushi

Japanese Cuisine Section

Noodle Bar



Indian Cuisine Section, Freshly made Naan

Table Eight serves delicacy Chinese Cuisine. You are able to book for a table prior to your visit or I believe walk-in is possible during low season. Nick and I had our lunch at Table Eight before we checked in to our room. We opted the all you can eat yumcha buffet with free flow Chinese tea. How it works is you order particular choice of dumplings or so from their yumcha menu and they made it fresh, which was a highlight and it was different from regular yumcha restaurant with their carts at places I have dined at. Nonetheless, the taste was okay and pretty standard but the whole experience was great with marble table and decorations within the restaurant itself.

Edogin is a Japanese restaurant by The Mulia. Similar to Table Eight, you have options to do buffet dining or Ala Carte. I apologised on the lack of photos of Edogin; both the restaurant and the food we had. Nick and I agreed on putting our phone on the side including taking photos simply because we wanted to have a moment for ourselves. 
I remember ordering the Sukiyaki, the Eel and Nick had the Gyudon Bowl which were so delicious. The whole restaurant experience and the food were excellent, we almost felt like we were somewhere else in Japan rather than we were in Bali. I would love to be back to Mulia and tried the Buffet dinner, the grilled beef and seafood looked really inviting. 

The Mulia Resort has its own private beach. There are several water activities you can do such as stand-paddling or snorkling. The beach is quite clean and there are actually people sweeping sands off the pathways. There are pools located right next opposite the beach and it comes with a pool-bar. One thing to note is that when you stayed at The Mulia Resort you are not allowed to enter the pool located at The Mulia. I know it is quite confusing but there are difference between The Mulia Resorts, The Mulia and Mulia Villas. 



because Bali weather changes as its please.

Favourite pathway...... to food.

The best mango shaved ice by the pool

In front of the pool

The overall experience for me personally given that it was my first time staying at a resort and five star hotel, I was happy and satisfied with what I paid. This entire experience has set me another standard when it comes to accomodation and travel experiences. I would absolutely love to come back here and to stay more nights to enjoy more of a retreat and quietness. 

Extra notes : 
How do I snap such a good deal for one night stay?
Well, the (considered) normal price for one night is approximately 400-500 AUD (IDR 5,500,000) before tax and the rate goes higher depending on the room selections and so on. But I snapped a room at 230 AUD ( IDR 2,400,000) before tax.  
My best tip if you wanted to stay at The Mulia Resort is to book online directly through their website: THE MULIA BALI.  I have compared all third party booking website and still the mulia website has the cheapest price after all, they are also up-to-date with sale and deals.  
Another tip is to look up the room about five to six weeks prior to the travel date. I checked the hotel rate about 4 months before the trip and it was up to 600 AUD before tax, then on the beginning of January (my visit was on February), the price went all the way down at 230 AUD! You just have to keep checking and keep refreshing that page :)

I hope this will be a helpful or fun to read article. I love to share experiences on my blog and I hope I will be able to continue to experience more things in the future in order to be able to create such things and share it with you.

Lots of love, 

Lenny xx

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