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R O T T N E S T   I S L A N D
Western Australia

Rottnest Island is an A-class reserved island surrounded by beautiful beaches and stunning water that I am sure will blow you a w a y.

It is located approximately 30 minutes from Fremantle. Rottnest Island is known to the world because of the population of Quokkas, many people put Rotto (how the local called it) as their major 'to do' or Western Australia's must do. It's okay to admit if your main reason to visit Rotto is Quokka selfie, because I did too ;)

I visited Rotto twice last year alone and I have to admit that the cuteness of Quokkas will melt your heart. On my first visit, I did not manage to snap the selfie of quokkas smiling, but I was happy enough to finally meet them in person and call them my spirit animal. Then on my second visit, I was lucky enough to find not one but two quokkas joining me in one selfie while I was cycling around the island (nearby Wadjemup Lighthouse).  Quokkas are not hard to find, they normally hang out around the trees, some at the food center, and there is also walking tour by volunteers that you can join (at particular time) and it will take you to some Quokkas spot.



Let me remind you that you are not allowed to TOUCH or FEED Quokkas in order to let them live in their natural habitat. We need to respect the rules as the number one rule of traveling, no matter how badly you want a 'perfect' selfie to post on your social media. Quokkas will remain where they are when you approach them and will let you snap as many selfies as you wanted, but some quokkas will run away and won't be friendly enough for photos but they will not attack you. 

The Basin

Bathurst Lighthouse



Rottnest Island has a lot of beautiful beaches and bays.

Salt Lakes / Pink Lakes

You will also discover the pinkish colour of smaller lakes nearby the windmills, which is partly caused by the algae Dunaliella salina. It contains a naturally occurring pink substance called beta-carotene. When the shrimp eat these algae, it gives them a red colour too! (source information: Rottnest Island Wildlife)



As much as I wanted to squeeze the whole Island in one day, I can only do and see so much. It is possible to arrange a day trip, given the main spots are nearby ferry ports and are close to each other. Make sure to pack some foods, snacks and lots of water. It can be quite exhausting cycling around the island (especially when it's really hot!) and the food court is located nearby visitor centre. 


ROTTNEST EXPRESS, the fast ferry that runs daily to Rottnest Island.

Take the express ferry from B-Shed, Fremantle Wharf.

The reason why it is better to board the ferry from Fremantle Wharf is that it is a lot cheaper than boarding the ferry from Barrack St Wharf (you save roughly half price!). It usually has specials if you travel on Tuesday or Wednesday, too.
To get to B-Shed Fremantle Wharf, it takes approximately 30 mins train ride from Perth city centre (take the Fremantle train line from Perth Underground Station then get off at Fremantle station). Walk about 5-10 minutes.


By Bike :

If you plan to explore the island on your own (without joining any tour), I would highly recommend hiring a bike. It is the best and most efficient way to explore Rottnest. It saves you a lot of time getting around the island. You can hire the bike while purchasing the ferry ticket online here.

By local bus :

Rottnest Island has their own local bus, you can purchase the daily ticket for $20 at the visitor centre. For more information, click here.


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