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"It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times,

It is true, 

that you'll never know if you never experience it yourself." 


It was claimed as one of the 'boring' city in the world,they said there's nothing much to do..but it speaks different language to me, that city in the heart of Western Australiais slowing raising up the bar.and if you think there's nothing to see or do in Perth,darling you're missing out.

I did not know what I was doing when I decided to book the flight from Bali to Perth instead of Sydney (as what I would do when visiting Indonesia). That moment felt like one of the insanity that I tried to keep 'sane' because flight deals are more appealing than discounted clothes these days and I am very terrified of that. The main reason of visiting Perth was to personally find out what life they have to offer at the west coast of Australia because I've heard way too many rumours of how boring life gets compared to the east coasts and I am dying to see Quokkas myself and take selfies with them! *insert Chainsmokers' Selfie beat* 
I flew Jetstar from Bali to Perth with 3 hours flight duration and let me tell you that it was probably one of the most exciting part before I landed because the view was breathtaking. Make sure you fly on day time and purchase a window seat beforehand because you'll get witness the aerial view of mining sites and red land of Australia. I've never seen anything like that before and I was stunned. The excitements kicked in despited my half-shut eyes. 

First of all, this is a very special trip to me because it was my first solo travel in my entire life existence and I find it crucial to share my trip to you and take you along visually. 


Perth is a beautiful city surrounded by old but well maintained buildings and it is very..... quiet. Perhaps I went there on Easter long weekend and there weren't many people around. Places in the city are moderately reachable by feet and free buses are operated within the CBD area. The people are very laid back. 

London Court

A little classic arcade in the heart of Perth.

King Street

High-end shops belong on King Street but they are a little different, it looks like a little Europe in the city (as what I'd like to describe it though I've never been to Europe before).  These Victorian buildings are very well maintained and you can find Tiffany&Co, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and the likes of it here. Let me tell you... this street is perfect for outfit photoshoot *blogger tips alert*


Perth's Chinatown is located at Northbridge, I find Northbridge has slight vibrant crowd compared to other part of the city. I was lucky enough to go to Northbridge on a Saturday night and experience a 'real Perth's crowd' because that's where the clubs are. (disclaimer: I did not party there but ate ice-cream instead). You can also find street murals (graffiti arts) around Northbridge.

Catch sunset at Elizabeth Quay

This is the fun bit. Elizabeth Quay is a very new area by the river and it was opened on 2016. It is a beautiful riverside and you can also take gondola ride across Swan River to South Perth. Do not forget to stop by Gusto Gelato for a scoop or two. Walk around to the bridge at Elizabeth Quay to take the ultimate Perth postcard.

That famous Blue Boatshed House (Crawley Edge Boatshed)

This is also one of the reason why I wanted to visit Perth, to see this blue boatshed house in person and boy, it did not disappoint. Another ultimate postcard moment created. I arrived really early and I found two people were already there taking that spot ;) But people are really nice and willing to take turn for photos.
Tips : Wake up before sunrise (check your local sunrise time on the weather app) to mainly avoid crowds. If you're like me traveling on your own and depending on public transport, I would recommend taking Uber from where you stay. 



King's Park is one of the biggest park in the world. At the Fraser's Point Lookout, you'll see Perth from a different angle but at its best. I went here twice, during the day time as well as the night. I was surprise that it was crowded at night and I found out that apparently it is a local favourite to hang out at night.  
I might not have any picture around the Botanic Garden, I was too busy reading plants and trees informations and the surrounding was really calm and peaceful considering it is in the middle of the city. It is a must to come and visit the Botanic Garden while you're in Perth because not only its calmness but you also have the chance to see The Giant Boab Tree that was taken all the way from Kimberly to Perth. It was a huge tree and truly an amazing experience. I highly recommend visiting the park in the morning so you can have a nice morning walk or exercise at Kings Park (gotta live like a local ya know :p)


The Venice of West Coast, I always smiled when remembering I read this review somewhere. It is truly magical here. When I got here, I can't stop "wow-ing" and stocked and the more I explore every corner of it, I was telling to myself 'this is exactly where you'd like to spend your retirement days'. This place is b e a u t i f u l. 


You can not come to Western Australia and not visit Fremantle. A lively harbour suburban 30 mins train ride from Perth. Here you have brewery, the famous fish & chips, and a lot of treasury buildings. I went here twice during my five days trip and I can't help myself not to shop.
Must Do :
Fremantle Markets (only open during the weekend and Public Holiday)
The man-made Rainbow Container
Check out the Cappuccino Strips (brave yourself.... and your pocket)
Cottesloe Beach


I can't stop posting throwback photos of the beautiful Rottnest Island. I finally met QUOKKAS in person and they are my official spirit animal. They are pretty much everywhere in Rottnest Island and it is really easy to find them. What's hard is.... to take selfie with them while they're smiling. I had one smiling quokka with me out of thousand selfies I took that day and I wasn't selfie ready on that photo. But trust me, you'll love them like I love them.
The thing about Rotto (what locals call it) is its wonderful ocean... The water is sooo aqua blue and clear. I really wish I bring my swimwear on my visit simply it was a hot day (in Autumn). If you have plenty of time while visiting Perth, I would recommend to stay a night or two at Rottnest Island and rent a bike. It would be really worth it. I didn't see the entire island but I would love to comeback and stay over at Rotto.

Few things you to know before visiting PERTH :

Always make sure you have a valid visa before entering Australia. You can find out what you can do or how you can apply based on your passport and everything you need.
Visit : BORDER AUSTRALIA  for more information.


I stayed at Quality Ambassador Hotel at East Perth. It is located slightly outta town around 15 mins walk to town centre, but it was close to the bus stop and is still in the free bus zone. The exterior may look slightly old, but it was pretty updated and comfortable inside. They also allow you to leave your baggage after check out in case if you still wanna walk around before going to the airport without any charges.

Book your accomodation through and receive $20 off your room by booking through this LINK. (thank me later)


This is where things get serious. Perth is a moderate walkable city. It is hard to get around the city if you're a visitor like me and can not drive a car and only depend on public transport. Here are some options suitable for you.
  • Rent a Car : If you are traveling with somebody that knows how to drive and you are planning to visit the south coast of Western Australia or road trip, I highly recommend to rent a car. It is so convenient to get around the city with a car. Make sure you have an eligible driver's license (translated in English legally to avoid any unwanted circumstances). 
  • UBER/TAXI : If you can't be bother to check point A to point B bus number, get a ride. Wave a taxi or order one on your finger tip. 
  • Public Transport : Trains and buses are well operated in Perth. You do need a transportation card called "Smart Rider" and you can get this at any newsagent stores across the city. It is rechargeable and work just like any other transport card, tap on and tap off. You can also download the TransPerth app for transport schedule. TransPerth is really user friendly compared to the one we have in Sydney. Here's a link to download the app TRANSPERTH.


There's a direct bus from the International/Domestic Airport to the city (and vice versa) and the number is 380. There will be direction on each 380 bus or you can ask the driver if you're confused or unsure and it will cost AUD 4.60 per trip pp (fix coins or smaller notes recommended). Or get a taxi/uber.


Rotto is a small island just outskirt Fremantle and getting here you need to take an express ferry (30 mins from Fremantle) and purchasing the ticket before your departure is highly recommended.

This is where I purchase mine : ROTTNEST EXPRESS
Some ferry services offer a rental bike on your arrival and it is available at the selection when you book the ticket. There are also some tours offer on several websites and doing a research on price comparison and worthy is really important because you do not wanna ruin your trip. 

I hope my guide to Perth will help you out on planning a trip to the West Coast of Australia. Do not hesitate to contact me (comment down below or send me an email) if you have any questions or anything you'd wanna discuss or things that I might be able to help about traveling to Perth! I also made a travel video (at the end of this article) on youtube about my trip so you can experience it with me in visual motion. 

As most of you know I traveled alone to Perth, I am going to do a seperate post about my first solo experience on my upcoming post... (stay tune, loves!)

Peace out! xx

Disclaimer : This trip is not sponsored by any brands I mentioned above. This is purely my own experience out of my own pocket.

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