Wednesday, May 10, 2017






An Afternoon at King Street Precinct
photographed and styled by yours truly. 
Top - Uniqlo // Skirt - @iintan_thelabel // 
Sandals - Rubi Shoes // Metropolis Bag - Furla
King Street is a famous street in Perth, Western Australia. On my first day in Perth, I was actually lost in this street full of classic Victorian buildings which turned into luxury retail stores, you name it, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Oroton, Prada, Chanel, and the iconic store would be Tiffany & Co, with its turquoise blue pop-out amongst other stores on King Street. While roaming through the street, I rejoiced within and immediately planned an outfit shoot. I decided to go back on Good Friday (public holiday) and I was not surprised to find out how empty it is, exclude a few pedestrians (or they could be tourist like me), because that's what I want. Tripod set, camera rolling, snap snap snap. 
Speaking about outfit, I pulled out the custom-made Batik skirt by the lovely designer, IIN TAN that I self-picked at a fabric store. 
A little story behind this crazy idea of designing my own pieces with the help from Iin Tan.
Two months before I went back home for holiday, I contacted Iin and telling her my interest in designing my dream clothes. I told her my favourite pieces and despite her packed schedule, she spaced out some slots for me. The second day after I arrived in my hometown, we met up and discussed about the exact type of clothes I wanna do then after breakfast she took me to this fabric store in hometown. Trust me when I say we were there for ONE fabric. My inner-shopaholic soul could not take my eyes off beautiful fabrics they have and eventhough I do not have any talent in drawing or designing clothes, seeing fabrics alone has drawn me a lot of clothes idea outcome in my mind. I ended up picking two beautiful laces (I'll definitely show you later when it gets warmer in Sydney) before I had my eyes on this Batik fabric. The simplicity but bold shown by this Batik had me at first sight, and as soon as I tested the material (to make sure it is comfortable, airy and not hard), I quickly pulled Iin aside and told her my vision. Voila, she executed it perfectly! An A-Line high-waisted mid skirt with a twist, designed and made by Iin Tan The Label, self-picked fabric and vision by me. (sounds cool, doesn't it).
This outfit speaks a lot about me. Vintage feminine classic with a twist of bold accessories. 
 And to celebrate a dedication on The Pink Frame, I have finally had my own domain,! I am terrified with this milestone because I have never thought this day would happen. I am truly thankful for your support and I will continue to strive more ideas, soothe out the perplexing thoughts and gather wanders in the promise of bringing The Pink Frame readers the best visuals from my perspective.

With love,

Lenny xx 

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