Sunday, February 12, 2017

Coffee Run










outfit :knitwear top - Uniqlo / Skirt - Love, Bonito / Boots - Vintage from Nick's mom /Mini Backpack - Calvin Klein / Bangle - Pandora 

photo by Caroline Ng

It was a gloomy Friday morning when Caroline (from thebasicbabe) and I met up in the heart of Sydney, at Martin Place to be exact. It was a long-overdue meeting because the last time she saw me, my hair was long and dyed-brown. Catching up with a friend and after a coffee in my absolute best Clueless-themed outfit was a golden moment. I did not realize it was Clueles-alike before I saw the photo result and how I recognize my face looking at coffee like it was love at the first time x
What is a morning without coffee? I did not remember the last time I woke up not having coffee, the longest gap from the moment I woke up to the moment I grab my double espresso was probably 4 hours, or wise I'd have my sleepy-head roaming on the street not because I did not have enough sleep (well, sometimes I had shorter than 8-recommended-hours). This is an adult addiction in order to be able to communicate sanely, think better or just a fancy way to call it "a morning".
The love of coffee began in June 2015 when I worked at a cafe in CBD, I had to wake up at 5am every weekday morning to catch my commute then my co-worker would offer a cup of coffee of my request... that's when it began. I used to had two double-shot latte for the day, but it has gotten better since I did not have to wake up that early anymore.
What's your coffee? let's meet up for coffee someday somewhere. I will spare time for that. Comment down below xx 

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