Friday, January 27, 2017



Enough with a self-made theory of fashion items coordination or how to take a selfie because clearly on 2017, I personally think that people has their own tastes of so called personal style and they clearly know which angle works the best on a selfie-cam or insta-story. (I love boomerang, too!)
Last night while exercising my thumb and pointing finger through 12,664 photos (including videos, screen shots, double-saved photos, quotes) on my phone, checking instagram back and forth, collecting all the information I needed to motivate myself enough on writing this article right now helped me figure out that ordinary people like myself tend to document our life-achievements, daily outfit, or food we ate, or simply heartwarming anniversary post (yes, I am talking about me!) and post it online because that's just why we are busy taking photos and videos everywhere for.   
2017 is the millennials 'gram era. So much inspirations and breath-taking photos of the island that you never thought exist before and those sort of things inspire each and everyone of us to push the boundaries and chase experiences instead of talking about boys or the girl you dislike in the corner of the cafe. 2017 is the era of visual experiences. I have promised myself to save more for experiences. In the favour of my statement, I will begin 2017's travel series in Mid-march. I am happy and so excited to say that I will be kicking off the journey in Bali. SO EXCITED! 



Outfit details : 
Laces bralette - Cotton On Body / White shirt - Uniqlo / 
Kimye Boyfriend Jeans - Bardot / Claire's sandals - Rubi Shoes / Sunnies - Mink Pink / Bangle - Pandora

Saturday, January 14, 2017




Impeccable start of the year, I would not type this whole paragraph explaining how tired I was in the early days of 2017. I truly wish you hustler had a good time entering this challenging new year, fresh start for imperfect landing in the last minute of 2016 nor a serious fresh start. Thus, this is the  beginning of countable plans for two months ahead on my planner.  
May I continue? 

Let me start the first post of the year with something vintage and I swear I didn't steal any item from my mom's closet (I remember when I started my very first blog I would dragged that long-sleeves-black-velvet-dress, put it on and took couple photos in my room, or her office skirt that I still keep until now). I did not drag anything out this time, she sold her old clothes out to the clothes-collector lady who would come to houses and ask you if you'd sell your old clothes. I really wish I was old enough to understand fashion and treasure-keeper. (Blame it on the trend) 
Long story short, the 90s are back. Streetstyle denim skirt and Camisole top might be some stores' best-seller. I adore Camisole. Single strap or you'd call it Spaghetti Strap that are made for fashion. Its silky material makes it even better. Camisole top does casual to formal events, goes along with suede material nor denim nor your mama's office skirt.  
Let me tell you the story of this adorable Gucci-alike sandals,
I was scrolling through my instagram page one day and I saw this gucci-mid-heel-leather-loafers as I was dying to own one. As I speak to you, it still costs $1,215 (AUD) and your girl does not have any spare for a pair of Gucci-loafers. I never actually spend beyond $300 for any of my fashion items and yep, it's still beyond my capability :) (GUCCI SPONSOR ME PLEASE? LOL JOKES). So I head to Westfield on my lunch break and I always love Rubi Shoes. While I was trying on cute loafers, I found this sandal out of no-where (it also comes in silver) and I was sold. It has to be my favourite buy at the moment. (Instagram-flatlays-alert)




What do you think about this outfit? I'd love to know your thoughts. 

OUTFIT : Camisole top - GLASSONS // Denim skirt - ROMWE (SIMILAR ITEM)// Sunnies - MINKPINK // Bracelet - PANDORA // Vintage Sandals - RUBI