Monday, December 4, 2017

Things I Learnt at Twenty Three.


and things I have learnt through out the journey. 


It seemed like forever ago when I celebrated my seventeenth birthday.
I remember the feeling of being seventeen and graduated high school months earlier at the same year, not knowing what I wanted to do, not knowing where I'd be in the next five years, not knowing if the heartbreak would heal or if I would find somebody to love, or to simplify it, lost.
Fast forward to six years later,  year twenty-seventeen, I turned twenty-three (couple weeks ago). Nothing crazy.
I celebrated my birthday week with close friends and on the weekend (which was the actual birthday), I flew to Byron Bay for 24 hours with a stranger I met in Cairns, which later I call a friend. As I said, nothing was crazy but it was just what it needed to be; surrounded by the people I value the most and being fully myself to welcome twenty-three. *raise the glass*

I know it is too soon to give a speech about life but I believe it is never too early to share the things I have learnt through out my teenage years and the transition to adulthood, because I was once very young and anxious about the future and confused on dealing with things. I was once too young to call it a self discovery but I think no one knows you better than yourself. 


So here are the things I have learnt at Twenty Three.

  1. It is okay to be lost. I have realised that many of us have envisioned what we want to be when we grow up, doctor, businessmen or women, pilot, you named it. But through-out the process, you start to discover more interesting things about yourself and the things you want to do or the one that's gonna be your career/job. Some of us are lucky enough to discover the passion real quick, but some are still wondering around juggling the possibilities of careers or focus on your calling. Some people have a full time job at fancy office and not happy because they say it's not their passion or what they wanna do, meanwhile some of us are still searching for the call while working as a waitress or barista or sales assistant at Nike (etc). It is okay to be confused, it is okay to be lost. Because when you're lost, you tend to push more boundaries to find yourself, and girlfriends, it doesn't happen overnight. 
  2. You are going to lose people along the way. Yup! You are going to lose a lot of friends. The people you thought you'd be friends forever, the high school mates, or anyone you have encountered with. The older you get, the more you understand yourself. The more you understand yourself, the more you value it. You no longer have time to deal with toxic unnecessary conversations that has nothing to do with you or your growth. You no longer have time to hang out to kill time. You no longer have time to manifest your friendship by being there in person every single day, no. At twenty three, you will find the way you value your time and for the people who do not get it, frankly, they have to go. 
  3. Heart breaks, darling, it's not the end of the world. Remember your high school crush? Remember that guy who took forever to reply your text message? Remember the guy who told you he likes you but did nothing to prove it? Remember the guy who cheated on you? Remember all the heart breaks that you possibly can and how you thought it was the end of the world, you were extremely broken and sad about it. You thought it was everything and he left and suddenly your world crumbles because you think he was your everything. Okay, you need stop now! It is not the end of the world. I understand the pain can be extremely terrifying that to the point where it can change you completely. But you have to remember that it is not the end of everything. You will still wake up the next morning to a whole new day and you will still fight through. You will get things together and there will eventually be someone out there who will put the pieces back together and love it. There will be a person who will love your broken pieces as whole and love you for who you are like you've never been loved before. 
  4. Never compare your journey to others. This millennials era is really daunting. We tend to compare what we have done to other people's milestone. For example, your friends in high school are getting married and some are having kids. while you're still sitting in front of the screen browsing where to eat next weekend with your friends. Or people are achieving this and that, and when you look at yourself, you have barely done any washing for the day. You get what I mean? Millennials tend to compare their achievements to other people's success. Let me tell you kids, at twenty three, you'll question your worth a lot more in achieving things. What matters to other people might not matter to you, vice versa. Focus on your own goal, tick your own list, give yourself 100% motivation to do it all. The more you compare, the more you pay attention to people rather than yourself and the more it happened, the further you are from your goals. 
  5. Happiness is an inside job. Darling, you can't expect anyone to make you happy, if you do so, they more likely have the control to take it away too. Your happiness is your responsibility. I don't wanna sound like a bitch when I say this, but I am comfortable enough to admit that I no longer want people to take control on how I feel. If this is the moment I have to be selfish in order to protect my self and to be happy, I'll do what it takes to let that be. What I have realised lately is that I am in charge of making myself happy. I expect less from people and more from myself. Because no one understands you better than you do. 
  6. Just do it. The Nike slogan is probably life's best advice. During your transition from teenage years to adulthood, you often find yourself in confusion on whether you should take that major or text that guy you've been eyeing on or start a conversation with a stranger while traveling or the list goes on. When you couldn't stop thinking about things and have been debating on whether you should do it or not, probably just do it. It is always better to look back and say 'I did it' and know the consequences rather than mumble 'I wish I did' in regret for the rest of your life. 
  7. Travel solo, at least once in your life. Solo traveling was one of the best decision that I took this year. I had to travel solo when my boyfriend could not make it to the trip. I really learnt about myself and my intuition, learnt how to trust myself fully and I learnt how to be alone with myself. At the beginning of solo traveling, I felt really lonely in such a big hotel room all by myself, having no one to talk to while visiting the most wonderful views, eat alone, navigate myself for the journey all on my own. Do they sound awful? I guess it is normal to share the bad side first than the bright side :) But then I realise that I can't be at a new city I have never been before and be sad about it. So I decided to change my mindset completely. That hotel room wasn't big at all and I learnt how to rest and prepare tomorrow. Having no one to talk to while discovering places wasn't bad at all, I paid more attention to my surrounding and met strangers along the way and even be friends with some of them and share my passion for travel to them (I even gave my Melbourne itinerary to a Chinese couple that shared the airbnb apartment with me while I was in Cairns). Little did I know, I have gained a lot by traveling solo, and it made my heart so full. 
  8. Love yourself. These days, it is very easy to hate yourself. We begin to question ourselves and lack of confident. Loving yourself doesn't mean your narcissistic. Loving yourself means taking care of your body instead of wanting to look like Victoria's Secret angels body. Loving yourself means be confident in your own skin, despite its colour or its size. Loving yourself mean let go of the things that are toxic to you; be it environment, friends, conversations, etc. Loving yourself means you respect yourself and every inch of your soul. We are all beautiful in our own ways and loving yourself is one of the main key to appreciate your beautiful soul.

I am pretty sure I have 100 more lists I'd love to include in this article, but these are the major issues amongst millennials (including myself). I am not saying that I am perfect. I am imperfect and through my imperfection I wanted to share this with you, so you know that you're not alone in this midlife crisis. This is also a little reminder to myself, in case I would feel less excited about my life, I'd be able to look back at this article and be reminded. 

I hope this article can be useful to you and please share your thoughts about this by commenting down below :) I would love to hear your thoughts! Until then, xx Lenny.

Photo by Daryl Irawan
Outfit Black Dress - Zara, Hat - Sportsgirl, 
Outerwear - H&M, 
Necklace - Gregory Jewellery, 
Earrings - Lovisa Jewellery
Location Canola Fields, NSW

Tuesday, October 31, 2017



the capital city of Australia

Many of you may not know that Canberra is the official capital city of Australia, a lot of people might never heard of it. 
Couple days ago, The Lonely Planet just announced Canberra as one of their best city to visit in 2018 (came in the third place after Seville in Spain and Detroit in USA). It wins over big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. 
What's the buzz?

In this blog post, I am not going to be a smart *ss and write you a whole guide about Canberra. It was a coincidence that I recently visited Canberra with some friends one week before the announcement came out. We went there just for the day (literally three hours) and visited some places and I thought because sharing is caring, here's what I did in Canberra.


Canberra is approximately three hours drive from Sydney and also accessible by plane (45mins flight). The city itself is pretty small. I could not speak for the outskirt of town but the city centre is vibrant and filled with sophisticated hotel buildings (I am talking about legit architecture), gardens and parks, a lot of National treasury buildings and so on. Fun fact : there are many free parkings on the weekend!

My friends and I arrived in Canberra around lunch time on a Saturday. It was supposed to be 'spring' but I guess the weather wasn't really our friend because it was gloomy and cold (note that Canberra is colder than Sydney, on their winter days, it usually snow or hit zero degrees or even minus). 


Our first stop in Canberra was The Cupping Room, noted as one of the top brunch to visit in Canberra. To order your coffee here, you choose the selection of blends then choose to add milk or leave it black, there's no such thing as latte or cappuccino. I had the Salmon dish, which was so tasty.


Then we drove to visit the new Parliament House and I could not stop looking at every corner of its interior. It's basically marble everywhere and I am truly mesmerised. It is free to enter the Parliament House but you are not allowed to enter some spaces within the area, unless you are a part of arranged tours. If you are curious about Australian History, I would recommend to take an arrange tour or make a stop at Australian War Memorial just 5 minutes drive from the Parliament House.


Last stop of the Canberra day trip was Mount Ainslie look out. From this look out point, you get the million dollar view of Canberra and your postcard moment.

In my opinion, Canberra is a good short getaway for the weekend, especially if you are living in Sydney. The city is really small but compact. They have a lot to offer and it is perfect for people who want to do a lot of things with a short amount of time. The city is easier to be accessed by car or you can join arranged tours and it is a perfect getaway for families with kids. 

I hope my short escape to Canberra can help you or inspire you to explore the city as a whole. Let me know which places you visited so I might visit them in the future :)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Era.




Dear youngster,

the world is always evolving

so do you.

you and I will go through the same phase in life where,

there will be a turning point in every end of a road
there will be ice cream, chocolate if you wanted to
and dear youngster,

I am talking to you

don't be too hard on yourself,

for a love needs to be devoted to your beloved soul

and nourish it with positive energy
finally youngster, 

I am talking to you,

dear my old self

the new Lenny gives zero damn about your one or two things, and 

if she can always come to the phone right away, 

it's none of your business.


These whole month has been a roller coaster of emotion and physical health. I have been so goddamn exhausted. Pardon me if the come back always includes complains, but I do want to keep the plot story honest and transparent here. Not because of peer pressure (oh come on, you are not Taylor Swift, Lenny)!
I decided to cut my hair short in one good afternoon after work. No, I did not break up with my boyfriend (we are perfectly fine). Every time I have a new hair do, I always feel like a completely different person and to be honest this latest hair do has given myself a whole new level of confidence; a sassy and fierce looking one. It also happened to be Spring when I have my hair cut, so I guess I can call it 'ready for Spring'? :)


Looking back at myself and the whole transformation, I am always surprised on how different I have become from a person I was last year or years before. How I have gained my confident, how I have discovered my style and know which pieces that work for me and which don't, how I value quality over quantity, how I have only a few good friends, how everything has shifted in a way I never thought of 5 years ago. 
I guess all the turning point in life is going to happen to all of us, later in life, or some time.. I guess all the road will lead us here, to a point where you will understand yourself so well and love it better. And I am just so thankful for everything that happened to me lately, I have seen myself grow so much internally and I am really thankful. I am ready for the new era. 


Photographed by Caroline Ng 
Bralette (as outerwear) - ZARA
Sheer White Top - ROMWE.COM
BOOTS - Vintage

Sunday, August 6, 2017

To you.


To you,
when you wake up in the morning, 
I hope you think of me,
how I miss you
how I long for your arms
how I wish to spend my mornings
next to you,
talking about absolutely ridiculous things,
sipping my coffee while staring at your face..

These miles have done its justice
for the fact that I can't kiss you right now
kills me
your whispers in my ears,
your scent,
your touch,
'I love you', I murmured in my prayers
wishing to be where you are,
with your favourite breakfast and your cup of cappuccino

and when the night comes,
this city feels lonely,
seems like it is missing your presence,
just like I do,
these roses are pastels, but my flame will always be red
for you.

Lenny Novitasari 
Aug 6th '17

An immense influence of millennials era has gone way and beyond to the point where shopping through your finger tip has made possible. Through visual presentations and preferences, anyone can make a purchase on their devices for absolutely everything, including flowers. I understand that most of us prefer to visit markets or seeing the object directly before purchasing as well as the chance to 'gram it before buying them, but I couldn't be more impressed for the fact that ordering flowers online is now possible, thanks to Flowers Across Australia. 

Flowers Across Australia provides flower delivery services in Sydney and Melbourne upon your request. There are varieties of selections based on your particular occasions, flower types, bouquet style, price range, and they also provide gift selections to go along with your flowers (mind blowing). I find it pretty impressive and make surprising your significant others easier, well as the person who lives far from home and having my best friends overseas, I love to send my love during their special days with gifts or pampered them. I find this service really helpful and innovative in this millennials era.

Here is how to order :
Step 1 
Head to their website here. 

Step 2
Choose your flowers. You can choose based on occasions/flower types/Style/ or you can create your own bouquet. Then add any gifts on the side (if needed), such as alcohol, balloons, gift card, etc. 
Step 3
Arrange the delivery.
This is why I choose Flowers Across Sydney. They make it possible to arrange the day of delivery as you wish. 
Step 4
Finalize payment 
Step 5
Sit back and relax, and your loved ones will love you more for that surprise.

Thank me later.

Event Report : An afternoon tea with Byron Bay Cookie at Bistro Rex


at Bistro Rex


When Byron Bay Cookie sent an invitation to an afternoon tea, you say yes. I am very thrilled to be there amongst amazing females in food. I was also there to try out the dessert collaboration between Christina Manfield and Bistro Rex's Jo Ward and Michelle Powell. The dessert is called Pear and Ginger Spice Crumble and is here to celebrate the launch of Christina X Byron bay Cookies' newest cookie flavour 'Ginger Spice Cream Cookie' which was by the way, really good. We were lucky enough to taste the new cookie before it is available for public from September 1st in David Jones (or online)

The dessert, Pear and Ginger Spice Crumble, was a whole new experience. I should've clearly wrote down the components of the whole dessert when Christina was explaining it but instead I was busy digging in because...... come on, it is a special dessert :) The only thing I can remember was how good it tasted, the texture of the dessert as whole. So there were cookie crumbles, lemon cream, pear and with apple/pear and raisins based. The dessert was served with a glass of 2015 Eric Bordelet Poire Authentique pear cider at the event. Each component compliments the other and until today as I am writing this to you, I still remember the taste of it, I am already planning to make a special visit to Bistro Rex.... just for the dessert!

Christina Manfield for Byron Bay Cookie, 'Ginger Spice Cream Cookie'
available to public from September 1st 2017 in David Jones or online at
The dessert pop up will be running until August, 26th 2017 and make sure you make a reservation here and all proceeds from each crumbles sold will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017



"It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times,

It is true, 

that you'll never know if you never experience it yourself." 


It was claimed as one of the 'boring' city in the world,they said there's nothing much to do..but it speaks different language to me, that city in the heart of Western Australiais slowing raising up the bar.and if you think there's nothing to see or do in Perth,darling you're missing out.

I did not know what I was doing when I decided to book the flight from Bali to Perth instead of Sydney (as what I would do when visiting Indonesia). That moment felt like one of the insanity that I tried to keep 'sane' because flight deals are more appealing than discounted clothes these days and I am very terrified of that. The main reason of visiting Perth was to personally find out what life they have to offer at the west coast of Australia because I've heard way too many rumours of how boring life gets compared to the east coasts and I am dying to see Quokkas myself and take selfies with them! *insert Chainsmokers' Selfie beat* 
I flew Jetstar from Bali to Perth with 3 hours flight duration and let me tell you that it was probably one of the most exciting part before I landed because the view was breathtaking. Make sure you fly on day time and purchase a window seat beforehand because you'll get witness the aerial view of mining sites and red land of Australia. I've never seen anything like that before and I was stunned. The excitements kicked in despited my half-shut eyes. 

First of all, this is a very special trip to me because it was my first solo travel in my entire life existence and I find it crucial to share my trip to you and take you along visually. 


Perth is a beautiful city surrounded by old but well maintained buildings and it is very..... quiet. Perhaps I went there on Easter long weekend and there weren't many people around. Places in the city are moderately reachable by feet and free buses are operated within the CBD area. The people are very laid back. 

London Court

A little classic arcade in the heart of Perth.

King Street

High-end shops belong on King Street but they are a little different, it looks like a little Europe in the city (as what I'd like to describe it though I've never been to Europe before).  These Victorian buildings are very well maintained and you can find Tiffany&Co, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and the likes of it here. Let me tell you... this street is perfect for outfit photoshoot *blogger tips alert*


Perth's Chinatown is located at Northbridge, I find Northbridge has slight vibrant crowd compared to other part of the city. I was lucky enough to go to Northbridge on a Saturday night and experience a 'real Perth's crowd' because that's where the clubs are. (disclaimer: I did not party there but ate ice-cream instead). You can also find street murals (graffiti arts) around Northbridge.

Catch sunset at Elizabeth Quay

This is the fun bit. Elizabeth Quay is a very new area by the river and it was opened on 2016. It is a beautiful riverside and you can also take gondola ride across Swan River to South Perth. Do not forget to stop by Gusto Gelato for a scoop or two. Walk around to the bridge at Elizabeth Quay to take the ultimate Perth postcard.

That famous Blue Boatshed House (Crawley Edge Boatshed)

This is also one of the reason why I wanted to visit Perth, to see this blue boatshed house in person and boy, it did not disappoint. Another ultimate postcard moment created. I arrived really early and I found two people were already there taking that spot ;) But people are really nice and willing to take turn for photos.
Tips : Wake up before sunrise (check your local sunrise time on the weather app) to mainly avoid crowds. If you're like me traveling on your own and depending on public transport, I would recommend taking Uber from where you stay. 



King's Park is one of the biggest park in the world. At the Fraser's Point Lookout, you'll see Perth from a different angle but at its best. I went here twice, during the day time as well as the night. I was surprise that it was crowded at night and I found out that apparently it is a local favourite to hang out at night.  
I might not have any picture around the Botanic Garden, I was too busy reading plants and trees informations and the surrounding was really calm and peaceful considering it is in the middle of the city. It is a must to come and visit the Botanic Garden while you're in Perth because not only its calmness but you also have the chance to see The Giant Boab Tree that was taken all the way from Kimberly to Perth. It was a huge tree and truly an amazing experience. I highly recommend visiting the park in the morning so you can have a nice morning walk or exercise at Kings Park (gotta live like a local ya know :p)


The Venice of West Coast, I always smiled when remembering I read this review somewhere. It is truly magical here. When I got here, I can't stop "wow-ing" and stocked and the more I explore every corner of it, I was telling to myself 'this is exactly where you'd like to spend your retirement days'. This place is b e a u t i f u l. 


You can not come to Western Australia and not visit Fremantle. A lively harbour suburban 30 mins train ride from Perth. Here you have brewery, the famous fish & chips, and a lot of treasury buildings. I went here twice during my five days trip and I can't help myself not to shop.
Must Do :
Fremantle Markets (only open during the weekend and Public Holiday)
The man-made Rainbow Container
Check out the Cappuccino Strips (brave yourself.... and your pocket)
Cottesloe Beach


I can't stop posting throwback photos of the beautiful Rottnest Island. I finally met QUOKKAS in person and they are my official spirit animal. They are pretty much everywhere in Rottnest Island and it is really easy to find them. What's hard is.... to take selfie with them while they're smiling. I had one smiling quokka with me out of thousand selfies I took that day and I wasn't selfie ready on that photo. But trust me, you'll love them like I love them.
The thing about Rotto (what locals call it) is its wonderful ocean... The water is sooo aqua blue and clear. I really wish I bring my swimwear on my visit simply it was a hot day (in Autumn). If you have plenty of time while visiting Perth, I would recommend to stay a night or two at Rottnest Island and rent a bike. It would be really worth it. I didn't see the entire island but I would love to comeback and stay over at Rotto.

Few things you to know before visiting PERTH :

Always make sure you have a valid visa before entering Australia. You can find out what you can do or how you can apply based on your passport and everything you need.
Visit : BORDER AUSTRALIA  for more information.


I stayed at Quality Ambassador Hotel at East Perth. It is located slightly outta town around 15 mins walk to town centre, but it was close to the bus stop and is still in the free bus zone. The exterior may look slightly old, but it was pretty updated and comfortable inside. They also allow you to leave your baggage after check out in case if you still wanna walk around before going to the airport without any charges.

Book your accomodation through and receive $20 off your room by booking through this LINK. (thank me later)


This is where things get serious. Perth is a moderate walkable city. It is hard to get around the city if you're a visitor like me and can not drive a car and only depend on public transport. Here are some options suitable for you.
  • Rent a Car : If you are traveling with somebody that knows how to drive and you are planning to visit the south coast of Western Australia or road trip, I highly recommend to rent a car. It is so convenient to get around the city with a car. Make sure you have an eligible driver's license (translated in English legally to avoid any unwanted circumstances). 
  • UBER/TAXI : If you can't be bother to check point A to point B bus number, get a ride. Wave a taxi or order one on your finger tip. 
  • Public Transport : Trains and buses are well operated in Perth. You do need a transportation card called "Smart Rider" and you can get this at any newsagent stores across the city. It is rechargeable and work just like any other transport card, tap on and tap off. You can also download the TransPerth app for transport schedule. TransPerth is really user friendly compared to the one we have in Sydney. Here's a link to download the app TRANSPERTH.


There's a direct bus from the International/Domestic Airport to the city (and vice versa) and the number is 380. There will be direction on each 380 bus or you can ask the driver if you're confused or unsure and it will cost AUD 4.60 per trip pp (fix coins or smaller notes recommended). Or get a taxi/uber.


Rotto is a small island just outskirt Fremantle and getting here you need to take an express ferry (30 mins from Fremantle) and purchasing the ticket before your departure is highly recommended.

This is where I purchase mine : ROTTNEST EXPRESS
Some ferry services offer a rental bike on your arrival and it is available at the selection when you book the ticket. There are also some tours offer on several websites and doing a research on price comparison and worthy is really important because you do not wanna ruin your trip. 

I hope my guide to Perth will help you out on planning a trip to the West Coast of Australia. Do not hesitate to contact me (comment down below or send me an email) if you have any questions or anything you'd wanna discuss or things that I might be able to help about traveling to Perth! I also made a travel video (at the end of this article) on youtube about my trip so you can experience it with me in visual motion. 

As most of you know I traveled alone to Perth, I am going to do a seperate post about my first solo experience on my upcoming post... (stay tune, loves!)

Peace out! xx

Disclaimer : This trip is not sponsored by any brands I mentioned above. This is purely my own experience out of my own pocket.