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a personal essay by Lenny Novitasari

Coffee. More coffee.

One year later on this same page I wrote a personal letter to you-  
About my life in general and specified and Snapchat. 
A year sure has passed before my eyes. 
A lot sure has changed in one single year. 
My life point of view in general has changed me in a way I'd never thought of before, 
on how I see friendship, working with brands, building a personal brand, 
and I decided to dyed my hair pink in one moonlight right before my 22nd birthday.


Where do I begin? I have a lot to pour on this pink frame from my mind.It felt like I've missed this space so much yet I barely updated because of how chaotic my schedule has become, I still chose to nap about 2 hours after a long morning of photo-shoot. I am very lack of sleep, a good sleep not just a sleep in general, he.

Before you read this whole (messy) essay, help yourself with a cup of soy chai latte or your favourite tea.


Places I've traveled in my 2016. 

I went back to Indonesia at the end of 2015. transit in Jakarta and flew to Singapore the day after with my best friend, Gabby. I, then, flew back home (Pontianak) for two weeks stay.

Mid year, June for the exact, Nick, Vivien and I flew to Melbourne for a food trip in the beginning of June.  Then, third week of June, I flew to Melbourne (again) with Nick and his family for a family trip. We drove down to Phillip Island and saw mini-Penguin came back to the shore. They are literally the cutest!!!

Beginning of October,  Nick and I took a weekend off to relax ourselves as well as celebrating Nick's birthday at Port Stephen. We stayed at the best accommodation at Ramada Resort Hotel.

Beginning of December, For the third time this year, Nick and I flew to Melbourne (again) for a celebration trip. Nicklaus has just finished his final project and received the result that he passed! (Praise the Lord).

If you asked me why I've been to Melbourne so many times, I don't know how Melbourne has charmed me in a way that I will always be back to Melbourne for its cafes and coffees and how chill their people are. If you told me Melbourne is boring, maybe you did not wake up early.


On personal life.

Nicklaus and I are still very solid, even stronger than we were before. I still find it hard to choose places to eat because of my weird appetite that seemed to control my ego-emotion a lot than I thought it would. Plans for the future? Stays in the future.

'When will you guys get married?' One day in the future, obviously :)

On friendship and social-life.

Naturally, when you grow up, you will lose some acquaintances. I did. 
I realized that the older I get the more I needed support from my surroundings and positive vibes and I came to a point where I no longer need to stay in a circle that did not allow me to grow.
The necessity of having bunch of friends to only make you feel popular or accepted or NOT LONELY is no longer important. This is not high school anymore when you just gang-up and call yourself "cool".
The older I get, the more pride I get when I can only count my best friends with fingers. The older I get, the smaller my circle, the happier I am.
I am not anti-social, I eventually have no time for dramas and BS anymore. I have cut off people who tried to perform a theatrical lie in my life. I couldn't feel more freed.
What people failed to realize is that the older you get, the busier you are with your own life and the more focus you need to put on in building your own life.


On building personal brand and working with brands.

this is why 2017 and Twenty-two is exciting. 

I have looked back on my social media network over the year and 2016 was magical.  

I've built an instagram community on 3.2k followers (as per 20/12/2016), it was not easy to get. I understand people has a lot more followers and treated them differently but I guess growing 1k followers a year was quite achievement and I committed to push for 5k+!  

I wanted my personal brand to be authentic and original. In a world that is so hard to find originality, the power you have is you and no one can do you! :) 

Working with brands, mm, I have grown a lot as a person on this.  

 I have no idea that until today I am calling myself a content creator, not only for my personal brands, but for an actual business (a real business). I am still stocked while writing this article to you. 

I worked as a waitress in a restaurant as a part time job while studying. One day, I happened to show some portfolio to my boss on my ability on food photography and social media skill. They were interested and hooked me up to take our restaurant's food photos. Today, I look after the business digital marketing and become the content creator by simply doing what I love, photographing and filming food, food, food.  

That has been my achievement so far. That has lead me to a decision to study Marketing further and see where life takes me.

And lastly, I dyed my hair pink.

I DO! I cut my hair up to my shoulder and agreed to dye my hair pastel pink. I wanted a pink head couple year ago and as a personal gift to myself, I dyed it pink. I went through twice bleaching (which hurts my scalps so bad on the process) and then colour re-touch a week after. Eventhough while writing this article my hair has turned pure blonde, I would never regret having a pink hair and I have enough photos for my future generation :p

Where do I see myself in 2017?

Writing blogs. Building my personal portfolio. Travel to more places (so excited for this one). Study Marketing. 5k+ followers *wink*. Creating moments. Most importantly, being in a happy state of mind for my Joyous 22.


To you, you and you.

Who has supported my journey since day one, two or even jut supported me.

I thank you.

Photographed by James Nicklaus Yap

Outfit : Lace top - HM // Wide leg pants, Belt - Uniqlo // Nude heels - ZARA // Bag - ROXY // 
Pink Outerwear - Thrift Shop //



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