Thursday, November 17, 2016




Styled -Lenny Novitasari 
 Muse - Lenny Novitasari 
Make up - Lenny Novitasari 
Outfit :Khaki Shirt Dress - Cotton On Australia | Sandals - Rubi Shoes | Fringe Back Pack - Colette by Colette Hayman

photographed by Nicklaus Yap

Whose eyes does not blink when you passed a rack of clothing with red mark (re: sale) under $20 in a clothing store? My eyes blink and draw me back to check out that rack. When I mention 'check that rack out', that means I have gone back and forth between changing room and that particular rack because I did not find anything that suits me and the consumer side of me is being a bitch trying to spend all dat money.


The thing with sales is luck. Many stores in Sydney through-out have sales every single day, either it is online nor in-store. It always successfully draws people (like me) in and if I am lucky enough, I'd walk out with a really good item at an affordable price/good bargain. Nevertheless, most of the time when good items are available, they just do not have it in your size.

This Khaki shirt dress comes in size S (where I normally wear XS) for $15, without a doubt, I took it to the cashier. It is a very comfortable shirt dress that enable me to easily move around and it is suitable for casual days. Besides the stood-out khaki colour, this dress can be worn through out the year and for all season. I can imagine myself wrapped up in thick coat as the outerwear, a pair of jegging and ankle boots or I'll swap the shirt dress as an outerwear with a bralette and buttoned half then a pair of sandals.

It is very rare for people to gold-hunt in sale, but for most of the people when it happened, it feels like you just won a lottery but in a fashion kind-a way. Peace out!








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