Sunday, October 23, 2016



"I fell out of you.. Now let me find my way back."
Time is passing quickly, while I had stocked myself with unedited/untouched pictures of daily outfit and travel. I have been quite busy lately with work in general and working on some projects (which you can see on instagram). I had a bad cold, cough and fever all at the same time couple days ago but thank God I have recovered. 
Now, why DUSTY? I have realized that I had fell out of focus on certain things, one of them is why I started this personal space of mind. I haven't been really put my mind in posting more about personal style and fashion; that I discover some new hobbies including eating out (training my taste-bud), amateur photography of food or other things. Truthfully, it has scattered my focus.


However, after having some time to sit down and retreated the dusty files, I am very pleased to post outfit diary again.  
I (finally) had a chance to wear this Denish Top I bought from Leonyevelyn-Clothing. It was shipped from Indonesia and I could not be happier on this masterpiece. This Denish Top is actually the first Batik piece that I owned. Batik is Indonesian's traditional fabric (read more here). I am very happy to finally own one because as Indonesian, I am supposed to promote my own country's culture, ain't I? 


In this chance, I decided to mix it with denim skirt (in the mood of living in metropolitan city without dismissing the politeness of  Batik's ethic code) for a day out in the city. I can see myself wearing this top quite often on formal occasion in the future or I might need  more pieces of Batik :)



wearing : Denish Top - Leonyevelyn Clothing / Denim Skirt - Romwe / Black Wegdes - Rubi Shoes / Monogrammed Black Pouch - Kaffein Leather / 

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