Thursday, May 5, 2016

Last Saturday


Updating from my bed - Still. Fever got in the way on Tuesday and especially today I've stayed in bed probably longer than I've ever did in the past couple years (especially being away from family-mom). But the good news is your girl has felt so much better than she did yesterday when her body vaguely tempered up in a bad way. I have pulled together the picture my roommate took of me on Saturday morning (with a bun hair-my hair has finally grown long enough to do a bun) after we ate a whole lot of dumplings and chicken feet and left the restaurant with bloody big smile.Talking about Saturday, I would love to put together my favorite brunching spots in Sydney (ya know I love brunching with my girls or boyfriend). It will take some time to break down millions of food photos (left alone 12,400 photos on my iPhone) but I promise you I will do 'em :) xxLenny.
wearing : Maroon Knit Jumper - The Smith Family Store (Thrift Shop) / Denim Skirt - Romwe Fashion / Shoes - Gosh Shoes / Bag - Furla Metropolis / Watch - Daniel Wellington

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