Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Keeping Up with Autumn


If you are wondering if Autumn is some sophisticated celebrities clan who is being filmed by a TV Network, it is definitely not. It is one beautiful season where layering game starts and sipping your maple latte is probably the fanciest thing you might do while looking outside the window over fallen maple leaves, I typed this while imagining any movie scenes but could not particularly describe one movie or perhaps, I might start writing my own script (haha, it is not impossible slash finger crossed). 

I always trust Uniqlo over their heattech technology in Winter wear. First introduced by Nick, big Uniqlo fans right there, that Uniqlo has created such technology that keeps you wear less but have the same warmth level and being stylish at the same time. Do not get me wrong, I love layering and having the options to choose is so much fun while dressing up for casual - formal events. And one of my absolute 101 styling rule is to wear maximal two pop-up colours on one full outfit look in order to keep it minimal and cozy during cold season. 

I am wearing : Turtleneck Top - Uniqlo / Asymmetric Skirt - ASOS / Grey Pouch - Kaffein Leather / Ankle Boots - Valley Girl
z2 IMG_1245 IMG_1242 IMG_1240 IMG_1247

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