Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bonjour Mon Amour



I do not just take French class to have French on my blog header. It happened to be a print on the tees I wore on the day these photos were taken. I rolled out to the city and had a green tea date with Nick. The weather has started to cool down drastically compared to previous weeks where you still able to leave the house with some shorts or skirts, and now it feels a lot more winter-y as it supposed to be. 


Ever since I owned a Trench Coat (this item above), it has been my ultimate winter-fashion-item. Start investing in trench coat because this fashion item lasts forever. It is easy to pair with any other items, you can wear it to any occasions (both formal/informal) and it never gets old. My personal favorite in wearing trench coat on colder days is to pair them with a chunky scarf and a pair of ankle boots. On a warmer days, I usually go with skirts or shorts and pair of Chuck Taylor or my Nike. Trench Coat is one of the reason why I love winter and layer-up. FYI, I am going to Melbourne in June (which is in two weeks) and I am very excited to snap photos and work on new contents :) Update you soon! xxLenny
I'm wearing : Trench Coat - Zara / T-Shirt - Chic-a-Booti / Denim Skirt - Romwe / Metropolis Bag - Furla / 


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  1. Hi sis. Sorry that i asked you this on a not very appropriate medium.
    I'm wondering if there are many people who say that you look similar to someone who is well-known because of a coffee scandal.
    How do you normally respond to these people?
    Actually i experience this too, so i really need your opinion. Thank you so much :)