Sunday, April 3, 2016

Welcome to The Pink Frame


1.38AM. Bed. Sia's Alive is screaming in my ears.
As a Sensitive. Loving. Generous. A lack of self-worth. Person.

It is not my favorite; laying on bed with sleepy eyes and loud mind. it is not the first time, though. The only thing to shut this loud, babbling thoughts is always to pour them out (in my case). I hope you would not mind with another personal post.

Having The Pink Frame going for 2 years now without any introduction (at the first place) makes me feel rude. How the hell did I not tell you about who I am and expected you to understand this whole chaos I tried to articulate into a form of readable tidiness? Excuse my self and my chaotic thoughts on how I should introduce "The Pink Frame".

I am Lenny Novitasari. Just turned 21 last November. Impatiently waiting for the day I can purchase a ticket to New York on my own while studying in Sydney, Australia. The love of photography have grown since I was a kid picking up my mom's film camera and took photo of me and my sister. Sadly I have not really pursued photography as a hobby, but before I came to Sydney, I bought a pocket camera with my own money and broke it two weeks after. It was a pink camera. I don't want to talk about how stupid the moment it broke was. That stuck lens. No. The love of fashion grew when my mom dressed me in a white hello kitty shirt tucked in to a denim jeans with an extra front-pouch, short bob, tanned skin (still tan skin), Red sandals. I remember my aunts who live in Hong Kong sent me clothes, which were fashionable at that era. Growing up as a teenager, I love reading local magazine and imagine if one day I could be one of the people I read. I have the same size with my mom, she's petite and her closet was my favorite place back then. I would asked  her to find me her office skirt and paired it with my other aunt's ol' floral satin top or black tank top. and The other day I would took my dad's over-sized grey shirt that looked huge on a petite teen(re: me); I still have that in my wardrobe, and he never looked for it. 

I remember the moment I left my wavy hair long with a full bang and the ability to apply winged eyeliner because growing up I was not familiar to beauty products, not even know foundation exists because mom would tell me to stick with my Pigeon compact powder (FYI, this is famous as baby product. meh.) and trying any face cleanser I saw on TV would left me pimples for days. Good ol' days.

The Pink Frame was spontaneously hand picked out of many cool names or title anyone could ever had for their journal. diary. blog. bands. anything. I am not good on naming things. The year before I started this, I met Vivien, who owns, Nick's Uni friend and we happened to hang out that day, talked about hobbies and how Nick babbled my previous left-out hobby to Viv. She then urged me to back on track and started this, The Pink Frame. We are now best friends, as she would take me on cafe-hopping, insta-share a lot of food pics (I mean, a lot!), helped me to launch The Pink Frame Youtube channel, assist photo shoot sometimes, and share thoughts. 

Obviously, The Pink Frame is a place I fit in. A place where I share my passion on personal style, writing and a little bit of everything. I was influenced by my mom's office skirts and her born era, the 70s and the year I was born with denim errrthang, the 90s. Tuck-ins. Denim. Ankle boots. Monochrome. High-waist. Double shot soy latte.
..... Welcome to The Pink Frame.


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