Monday, April 18, 2016

The Pink Blazer.



"fallen leaves, breeze, yet pastel stays still."

Photographed by Winna

If you followed me both on facebook and instagram, you have probably seen few photos of me wearing this outfit. Yep, I have finally had time to write again after some other baking days (I baked green tea doughnuts and choco chip cookies, but it is not the topic now :p).

I got this pink blazer for only $1 (yes! no kidding). I grabbed it quickly without even tried it on because the lady was rushing everyone in the store that she is closing in 2 minutes. I thought why not. It is 4 sizes bigger than my normal size but that's the thing about thrift-shopping (I'll do my own tips and trick on thrift-shopping next time). 

To trick any oversized shirt/blazer with long sleeves is to roll up the sleeves itself, it gives you the sized down effect like what I did on this outfit. I paired up the oversized blazer with white shirt and short jeans to create the casual look and a pair of boots. Winna, my roommate, helped me to take these photos when we went to have lunch at Haven (Surry Hills).

wearing : Pink Blazer - Thrift Shop / Asymmetric Length White Shirt (worn tuck-in) - Chic-a-Booti / Denim Shorts - RohTella / Belt - Borrowed from Winna / Ankle Boots - Nick's Mom / Classy Winchester 26mm - Daniel Wellington


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