Sunday, February 14, 2016

Homemade Series : Chocolate Banana Milkshake


 I know this is a totally different blog post from my entire fashion/personal style posts before. If you follow my instagram, you know I looooooooveeeeeeee to do some little experience in my kitchen (well, it's not fully my kitchen because I shared the house with 4 other people). I love to eat and do cafe hopping but even more, I have a big heart on experimenting or making my own twist of food/beverages. Therefore, let me kick off the very first post of "Homemade Series" with a homemade milkshake just right in time for Valentine's Day. 


Spending your Valentine's Day with your loved ones or simply by yourself has changed to a whole another level when you do it on your own. Some people choose to go on fancy dinner, picnic or even a vacation, but what if you're on a limited budget but you still wanted to celebrate? Throw confetti around like a boss and here I got you my Valentine's Day homemade milkshake : Chocolate Banana Milkshake! 
This milkshake is less than $20 (for approx 4 serving) and you can easily get the ingredients at any grocery stores. 



What you'll need :

300mL     Fresh Milk (any choice of milk, really. I personally consume soy milk)

2 scoops   Chocolate Flavoured Ice Cream (any brand you preferred)

1 piece      Banana

3 pieces  Tim-Tam Choco/Banana (this choice of Tim-tam only available at Coles, but feel free to pick any of your favorite flavoured Tim-Tam)
Utilities :
- Blender
- Chopping Board
- Cutting Knife
- Ice Cream Scoop
Time :
 5 Minutes   Preparation
±3 Minutes Finishing
Steps :
1. Slice your banana into thinner slices
2. Put your milk, 2 scoops of ice cream, 1 piece of tim-tam and the sliced banana.
3. Mixed it.
4. Cut the other 2 pieces of Tim-Tam in halves.
5. When most of the ingredients have mixed well, pour it into your favorite glass.
6. Decorate it as you like :) 

Extra Note :
You can also add whipped cream on top of your milkshake before you put on the decoration :)

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  1. Chocolate and banana are perfect combination. :))
    I hope the Choco Banana Timtam is available in Indonesia very very soon.

    Yelny - Candy After Dinner