Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sunmold Wave.


Sunflower. Green Grass. Heatwave.
photographed by Nicklaus Yap
wearing :
Sunmold Dress - Leonyevelyn-Clothing

Yup, all three thing have explained the current post. I have been away for roughly two weeks, prior to blogging schedule, study, birthday--also, friend's birthday events--I finally had a time to sit down and free the mind on this white canvas. Delivering my wardrobe rotate picks, the dress made by Leonyevelyn Clothing that I wore only once (I didn't even understand why I don't wear this often), the navy strips wedges I fancy a lot because I failed myself a lot trying hard on stilettos and a little hair update? My short hair has grown a bit longer and the dark brown colour I had left is now fading... Welcoming the original black hair back! This dress is purrrfect for the summer heat, just do not forget your sunscreen :) xxLenny!





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