Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Little Black Laces


Little Black Laces

"The way you swing when I spin and dance.."

Reflecting on the 21st year of living and breathing on earth and perhaps the power of morning thoughts I always admire hence the mind productivity and aspiration lead the way : A critical essay (or please, a blogpost) on how I see life as a newly turned adult, social media and Snapchat.


Last week, I just turned 21 (on November, 12th). Some sees it as celebration of productive age. They also said 'do what you want to do because 20s is when you make mistakes', Why? Perhaps elderly people want us to experience mistakes, break-downs, etc by ourselves. There is no point of the telling us -- the youngster-- what's waiting on the other side.
I tried to critic myself as often as possible. stand tall on what I believe, and just do it (slaying Nike's motto). If you question what I'll be doing in the next 5 years... don't. (I even have no idea on what I'll be eating tomorrow). Or if you have ever asked "Are you going to marry your long-term boyfriend in the next couple years?"... I don't even know. I just kinda let the river flows ad focus on what's right on my eyes. Pretty, please? There are (definitely) so many things I want to try, places I want to visit, and many more. The thing is, I'll still write blogposts and keep this site alive until the time I decide to get unplugged.....(not very soon, though.)

Stained my dress a bit :/


Let's move on.

In this fast-paced internet generation, we all know how popular Instagram is when it took over Twitter. (I am an Instagram addict, myself.)
Seeing how creative people can get or how far someone takes you on their travel journeys is amazing. Instagram is a place where I can snap oceans multiple times and posted it over and over again on different angles or even the ones that I took from different spots. 
I checked Facebook for news update (or funny viral videos), opened Instagram to post photos or simply scrolled down creative (mostly inspiring, because I tend to follow inspiring accounts). But nowadays, some creatives in the industry had stepped up their games and move over to Snapchat; an app that allows you to snap a picture and had your caption straight up, with extra emojis, rainbow vomit, etc. I used to have a snapchat account back then when it was not as famous compared to now. I wasn't interested either. I feel like constantly checking on my phone had taken half of my time in a day and it's pretty consuming. I did not see myself constantly updating on Snapchat eventhough many luxury brands did runways on Snapchat (eg: Burberry, Louis Vuitton) or digital influencers. And one thing I want to point out is.. range of privacy on daily basis could have been just not as private as you wished it is when it comes to addiction. Disagree? Spill your thoughts on comment box below :)



Photo details :
Dress - Divine by H&M
Shoes - Converse

Styled and Photographed by Lenny Novitasari

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