Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spring Inspired Outfit



wearing : 
Loosen White Top - Rockmans
Denim Short - Rohtela 
Sneakers - Converse

On this outfit post, I am wearing this super comfortable long-sleeved white bohemian styled top from Rockmans that I wore to Rockmans x Hale Bob Launch and I thought it is really perfect for such unstable weather which goes hot then cold then hot again. It still gives you that breeze and "space" to breathe and definitely perfect for spring and summer. Not to forget, loosen white top is so IN right now (must-have item!). Ever since they did not have a size 8, I chose the smallest out of all which happened to be 10 and it still looks perfect.I paired it up with the denim shorts with a little of white element in the front and a line of flower at the back of the jeans, which was also sent to me in a complete bigger size than I normally wear, so I decide to put my belt on (I got it from KMart). Photo was taken at Westfield Sydney (Pitt Street Mall) where I stood right people were passing by and giving those stares but you gotta do what you're doing anyway. I hope you found your spring/summer inspired from this post. Talk to me on Instagram, Twitter (links are right on your right corner) or simply comment down below what you think! :)  -Lenny






Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thrift Shop and Matcha


I apologize for postponing this post that supposed to be up last Sunday. But here I am updating latest venture to Glebe Market for thrift shopping.  
Earlier the day, I went to Cafe Cre Asion to fulfill my Green-Tea-Lover desire on its famous Green Tea Chocolate Fondant. The presentation of the cake itself is simple and sophisticated, it tasted so so so so good. I had green tea latte, as always, at that visit. Over all, Cafe Cre Asion is absolutely recommended for y'all sweet tooth out there. Luckily I did not get drunk of consuming too much green tea, even I wouldn't mind at all.






This was my first time going to the Flea Market. Glebe Market only opens on Saturday from 10 A.M. until 4 p.m. It does not only sell secondhand collections but also the brand new clothes, bags, and cute accessories, and it has so many food stalls. I set the limit for myself before purchasing, that I would only buy any secondhand item under $25 (twenty-five dollars). I was full on excitement to see what I can find and how deep is my vintage soul. Not disappointing that I actually went home with four items; 2 dresses, 1 Jacket, 1 Top and I spent $60 in total. If you were there with me, you would've seen my smiley face all the way home and my crazy excitement. (PS : There weren't as many picture of the stalls as what it is at the market, because some owners would prefer "no picture taken" of their stall