Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to Wear Skater Dress


Photographed by James Nicklaus
wearing :
Maroon Long-sleeved Skater Dress   Lola
Black Mini Messenger Bag - Roxy
Black Sandals - RUBI SHOES

Skater dress is one of my favorite dresses that ever invented. I just love how it would flow through your moves. Some skater dress is made tight on the hip, some are not. In this post, I am wearing a non-tight knitted skater dress in Maroon Red. I first picked this dress because its sleeves, I haven't really had any long-sleeved dress before and thought it would be nice for my winter wardrobe. Then continually, I wear this also for Spring when the weather is chill and nice.With a pair of sandal and complimented by my black mini messenger bag, off I go shaking it off :)
x Lenny




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