Saturday, September 26, 2015

Goes Vintage


I went thrift-shopping today at Glebe Market, I have wanted to do thrift-shop from long time ago and finally hopped on the bus and take myself there. I wanted to put all the documentation in one post, but then I decided to divide them into two. This post is my outfit inspired for thrift-shopping.
(If you were wondering why I was wearing a knitted sweater over my dress, it's because Sydney's weather is totally unpredictable)
Underneath the knitted top is a beautiful collared floral dress I got around 4 years ago, which has a really beautiful watery-painted flowers on the fabric. The spikes cowboy boots is just the perfect pair to go. I was thinking to put sneakers on, then I realized I haven't really wore this boots ever since I bought it. 

By the way, on top of today's venture to Glebe Market, I was inspired to have my own booth A.K.A. I wanted to sell my barely worn clothes and barely used stuffs, I feel like there will be a better owner of the items that I currently own. To the Sydneysiders, please come and kindly visit me if I ever opened one :)







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