Saturday, August 15, 2015




"We are all wonderful people // So when did we all get so fearful? // Now we're finally finding our voices // So take a chance, come help me sing this."

The Grounds of Alexandria
August, 9th 2015





There were mornings when you spend extra 5 to 360 seconds or even more in the shower, letting the steamed warm water ran down your face and yet hella lot of things spinning in your mind. Perhaps, those mornings were scripted long ago at the back of our mind. Let me break it down.

I was often asked, "where are you going to lead your blogging site to?", "what kind of blogger are you?", "What is your style?", or being shamed on, "Oh here's her #ootd again on instagram", "Oh she is going to shoot her #ootd", "Oh she is a blogger (starry eyes from top to bottom)", "We all could be her.", etc.

First of all, I always appreciate every single reader as I want to reach out each and everyone. This blog ain't huge, yet. But it does not matter to me, because eventually this site was created on my love of fashion. I started this page as my outfit and style documentary as a friend of mine that I met in Sydney encouraged me to blog (again). I used to blog when I was in high school and dusted. As life evolved, I have the urge of necessity that made me realize of how I actually wanted this blog to capture things I have seen or gone through or moments that I been into. 

When I went to a spring/summer preview of an Australian brand, a lady asked me what kind of style do I have, and right at that moment, I could only think of describing as what I wore that day, a long-sleeves knitted dress with  a black Zara jacket, brown studded ankle boots, saying "casual girly style" out loud as I tried to control my voice over a nice venue. Yet, it was and is still a top issue in my head. I can not even describe my style in few words yet I acclaim myself as a "fashion blogger" when I do not even understand. I wore what I wanted to wear every day; I have no problem putting up a sweatshirt with my light blue jeans and a pair of Nike and walked to Coles to buy groceries. Or the other day, I'd put the vintage white collared floral dress on with my white kitten flatsie and a brown mini bag as my casual summer look. I mean, I do not want to stuck in one categorized style. I evolve as my mood changes. Most of my wardrobes are ones I got from literally everywhere. It can not be describe as a few words of all group of look. It is unstable yet changing.

Being shamed on or talked about (negatively) is an unfavorable thing this society might always be doing. My surrounding used to be a place that I wanted to get out from (which is I did), I can not take jokes about what I am doing, because deep down inside I understood that people who does not know you personally would say something (either negative or positive) about you by joking about you so you do not get offended. They might envy your encouragement to follow your dream and have this clear idea where you are leading things to and they don't. This awakening moment give me a conclusion that as an influencer (wanna be), you need to have the flows and all this as stepping ladder. That's why I agreed with Sande's 'Read All About It'

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