Monday, July 27, 2015




"An expression, idea or element of

 an artistic work which has become overused 

to the point of losing its original meaning or effect."

wearing :
Trench Coat -  ZARA Australia 
Knitted Turtle Neck Grey Top -            Dotti
Black legging pants - Uniqlo Australia
Black Ankle Boots -      Valley Girl
Black Mini Messenger Bag -   Roxy Australia
Rings -   Lovisa Jewelry
Sunnies -   Gentle Monster


Do not question the layout of this post. It is a total different blog post I have ever written. The outfit inspired me to create a whole new idea. 

I am surprise how one Cliche-word could help you slide through the ordinary. 
At least in my perspective of ordinary.



Wind blows my hair not in a smooth way as seen on the pictures. It was harsh and cold and not coordinated while the shoot was taken. 
I mean, I was at Katoomba, Blue Mountain; a place well-known for its beautiful valley and The Three Sisters. I play casual yet minimal look, if you were wondering the weather, 7 Celcius degree at 10 A.M. -- Massively windy.


I never doubted the power of Uniqlo's Heattech, a technology from Uniqlo that helps you produce heat when you wear the product (comes in tank top or short/long sleeves) before you put on your top. 
Knitted clothing seems to work in sync to help my body boost some heat.

"I survived."

At least, I had meat fuels breakfast (bacon-sausage-eggs-hashbrowns-toast and a cup of latte) afterwards.



Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fifty Shades of Black


wearing : Knitted Black Sweater - Cotton On || Knitted Black Skater Skirt - Ally Fashion || Metropolis Bag in Shocking Pink - FURLA


FKA Twigs, BBC Radio 1 and KathleenLights (Beauty Blogger on Youtube, my favorite) videos were true distractions while I'm putting up words on this post. 

I apologize for have not been posting this month, if you follow me on instagram, you would know that I just moved into new house (it is a sharing room with my friend, actually). It was quite hectic and busy moving moment and until this second, I have not even sorted out my clothes in the big box and my luggage. It is terrible I know, I am working on them slowly but sure.
On this post, I wore black everything (not the bag) to grab my dinner. Putting on Knitted sweater to keep me warm, I did not wear any outer like jacket or coat because it was pretty warm around 20 degrees. I pair it up with my black knitted skater dress and my usual black ankle boots.

This pretty flowers to celebrate a little inspirational moment behind "The Pink Frame". It is emotional and proud to see what my blog has become and continually pushing boundaries and ideas, and with support and love from many people, closest friends and family, and brands who actually come up to me and wanted to work with me is the best feeling and best pay off. I truly thank you for that.