Monday, June 1, 2015

End of Autumn

wearing : Denim Jacket - ZARA // Black skater dress - Lulu & Rose 
Yes, today is 1st of June which means the beginning of winter. Not that I dislike winter, it is just not one of my favorite because Sydney's windy winter is just deadly cold most of the time. I have prepared my layers up game. Well, that can be categorized as my favorite part of the season : stacking on clothes, knitwear, Uniqlo's heattech, my Zara coats, those thick scarfs, beanies... Yes!
This outfit is my sunny autumn days kinda look. I got my denim jacket (finally!!!!). Pairing it up with my little black skater dress from Lulu & Rose. I decided to wear my Nike's running because I was going with my friends around the botanic garden and Sydney Opera House, I needed that comfortable footwear to walk around. I was wearing beanie not because it was cold, but I was having a bad hair day so I just covered it up. To be honest, I would not mind wearing this outfit on Spring or Summer. I just happened to pull everything together at this season :) Hope you find your inspiration either you are celebrating the same season as me or the other way around. Good luck! :) - LNxx



Found this pretty seagull standing steady.

what ended my day <3

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