Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rainy Day Outfit

Pairing : 
Red Coat - ZARA // Knitted Maroon Skater Dress - lola // 
Knee-length socks - Forever 21 // Studded Boots - Korean Boutique //
Backpack from Amber Rose by Rockmans // Beanie - Unbranded



This is my very first winter coat that I purchased with my own money for my very first winter experience in Sydney back at 2013, as all of you know that my background is Indonesia which only has wet and dry season. This red coat is from ZARA, was picked by my boyfriend (Nick) who saw this coat at first and told me to get that in a blink. Luckily, it was the last piece and was in my size. I couldn't describe my excitement at that moment and until now, it is still my favorite.


Well, for some of you who followed me on instagram, you might have known that I went to Pretty Girls Fashion Group SS15/16 Press Day. It was a really intense timing. I will post my documentary on that in my upcoming post, but first thing first to share is the coolest 'goodie bag' that was given. It is a brand called "Amber Rose" by Rockmans. (You will find out more about it on next post. I promise). I am so in love with this backpack. It looks simple, with sleek black simple yet astonish shape plus it fits a lot more stuffs than I expected it would. It is a definitely ready to go backpack that is as stylist as casual backpack. Love it!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

How to style your 80's Denim Skirt




wearing : White Blouse - Jay Jays || Denim Pencil Skirt - ROMWE || Bag - Colette by Colette Hayman || Denim Jacket - ZARA
Well, it is weekend when I feel like streets are my runaway :p I hope everyone feels the same way as I am because it is what fashion is made for.  
On this bright Sunday, I was just strolling around the city in my very comfort mini denim skirt I got from ROMWE (have been looking for a cheaper option from Lee or Wrangle), simple white blouse and denim jacket. This denim pencil skirt reminds me of my childhood, my auntie would brought me new clothes from Hong Kong (cuz she lives there) which always has denim skirt (I mean ALWAYS) until I don't remember anymore and I cannot fit in them anymore :(

My favorite pieces of clothing would be any kind of skirts (especially skater skirt), dresses, blouse and comfy over-sized shirt or boyfriend jeans or over-sized tees! Like HAHA, I love them indeed. 


Skirts not only showing your feminism side but also bring you this attitude by just wearing them. For me, it makes you feel sexy and girly, you feel the power of wearing skirt. As simple yet complicated as that. I have no problem wearing skirts at all! I mean, come on, give me tons of skirt and I shall do ya'll good rocking them :)



Saturday, June 13, 2015

Furla Metropolis Bag

wearing : Black Longsleeves Heattech - Uniqlo // Skirt - ROMWE // Metropolis Bag - Furla
Back to me again after half of June has passed, imagine how fast time passes by. I am back bringing a colour click with my blog name 'The Pink Frame'. I have been adoring this bag since it first came out.

Furla's Metropolis Bag is just one of those bags that you need in your closet.
I had my heart at its shocking pink colour, my eyes are just CLICK eventhough I was confuse between electric blue and black, but at the end of the day I still can not take my eyes off PINK.

Anyways, fresh from the lens, here I brought to you how I style my Furla's Metropolis Bag. Simple, winter chic I would say. Just in case if you think I am a tall person, I am not! My height is only 152 cm, but somehow this boots always make me look taller than I suppose :) 


Monday, June 1, 2015

End of Autumn

wearing : Denim Jacket - ZARA // Black skater dress - Lulu & Rose 
Yes, today is 1st of June which means the beginning of winter. Not that I dislike winter, it is just not one of my favorite because Sydney's windy winter is just deadly cold most of the time. I have prepared my layers up game. Well, that can be categorized as my favorite part of the season : stacking on clothes, knitwear, Uniqlo's heattech, my Zara coats, those thick scarfs, beanies... Yes!
This outfit is my sunny autumn days kinda look. I got my denim jacket (finally!!!!). Pairing it up with my little black skater dress from Lulu & Rose. I decided to wear my Nike's running because I was going with my friends around the botanic garden and Sydney Opera House, I needed that comfortable footwear to walk around. I was wearing beanie not because it was cold, but I was having a bad hair day so I just covered it up. To be honest, I would not mind wearing this outfit on Spring or Summer. I just happened to pull everything together at this season :) Hope you find your inspiration either you are celebrating the same season as me or the other way around. Good luck! :) - LNxx



Found this pretty seagull standing steady.

what ended my day <3