Sunday, May 31, 2015

CHASING THE SUN : La Perouse / Bare Island

I supposed to post this last week or couple days ago, but my Acer being an Acer and I could not really use any programs at all. But I am finally catching up with photos from my #chasingthesun journey : La Perouse.
It was a funny trip, to be honest. With a common autumn transitioning to winter, you can imagine how cold it was around 6 am. I am freezing! It is what it is and this is what I really love to do, so the cold never bothers me.
So I went to La Perouse, catching bus number 394 (or you can catch L94) from the city. There was not crowded at all, I can count the human with my fingers. The sun wasn't rose very pretty like what it normally was, I guess it was because the clouds just can't get off the way. 
Then, I went on Bare Island, a single island in the middle of La Perouse. You just need to walk the wooden bridge to Bare Island. What interesting was, there was nobody on the island, I feel like owning it myself :D
So, I put my camera at some spots (as long as my camera is stable and on a flat surface), took photos depending on my camera's timer and run in 10 seconds so I could be in the picture. It was so funny and I had so much fun going by myself. I really really enjoy everything. And I hope you too!  
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