Sunday, May 31, 2015


I supposed to post this last week or couple days ago, but my Acer being an Acer and I could not really use any programs at all. But I am finally catching up with photos from my #chasingthesun journey : La Perouse.
It was a funny trip, to be honest. With a common autumn transitioning to winter, you can imagine how cold it was around 6 am. I am freezing! It is what it is and this is what I really love to do, so the cold never bothers me.
So I went to La Perouse, catching bus number 394 (or you can catch L94) from the city. There was not crowded at all, I can count the human with my fingers. The sun wasn't rose very pretty like what it normally was, I guess it was because the clouds just can't get off the way. 
Then, I went on Bare Island, a single island in the middle of La Perouse. You just need to walk the wooden bridge to Bare Island. What interesting was, there was nobody on the island, I feel like owning it myself :D
So, I put my camera at some spots (as long as my camera is stable and on a flat surface), took photos depending on my camera's timer and run in 10 seconds so I could be in the picture. It was so funny and I had so much fun going by myself. I really really enjoy everything. And I hope you too!  
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Sunday, May 17, 2015


It was so hard to sleep last night, even though my eyes screamed "3 watts" left. I had planned to wake up early like I normally do on weekend simply to chase sunrise, my new hobby that started nearly a month ago. If you were following my instagram, you would have seen my journey to Circular Quay and Bondi Beach, from morning run to chasing buses. Then, my first post of Chasing The Sun goes to my latest morning trip to Bronte Beach.

This morning, I did wake up early with eyes and body half awake, (hardly) getting out of bed and tried to run faster than the ticking clock. I, somehow, won the battle to get ready in time. Hopped on Bus 378 Route Railway Parade to Bronte Beach and sat calmly, put my headset on and played my regular playlist of Taylor Swift's 1989 ( I am her biggest fan!). Along the way, I was a bit worried about the sunrise because of the clouds, it looked like it was raining midnight and I would not be able to get the clear sunrise like what I always did. But then, I arrived at 6.23 AM (sun supposed to rise at 6.41 AM), first thing first : IT WAS COLD. 

A quite beach on early Autumn morning, such a rare view. The sun was totally covered by clouds and it was out of my expectation but frankly I arrived and all I do was living the moments.
I took out my camera (I am using Fujifilm XA1 with 16-50mm lens, in red colour) and my iPhone (iPhone 6's photo quality is great), snapped some photos in different angles, I also walked down to the famous Bronte pool. The waves that run through the pool gave swimmers the freshest taste of salty ocean water. 

I could not stop taking photos and my hands were dead-cold (if it is even a word), like they were taken out of freezer after you put them in for 5 minutes. But I could not stop, there is something about Bronte; its waves, surfers, pool... perhaps everything. I just wished the clouds were not jealous of the sun that it rained on its parade. I was not the only visitor this morning, there were some photographers with their professional grips and tripods and moving their spots. There were also some surfers trying to tame the waves, seeing them doing their things just inspire me to quickly spill my thoughts on this post, I can not wait until I have enough sleep and delay this experience. I think I will never stop doing this, I hope I will never stop chasing the sun :) 


The Power of Timer




Friday, May 15, 2015


Photographed by James Nicklaus Yap
wearing : Oversized Denim Shirt - Levi's (New Vintage Store) // Denim Pants - Jay Jays // Nike Pegasus 30 // Roxy Messenger Bag 
Who doesn't love denim? I am a big fan! Pulling this look off has been my all time favorite and I am glad to share it with thepinkframe readers. I would consider this look as a casual vintage look with double denim that absolutely can't go wrong with, pairing the B&W Nike Pegasus 30 (my first nike shoes) and black mini messenger bag. 
If you were wondering how I survived wearing not really thick denim shirt on this chilly weather... I have the secret! I wear Uniqlo's HEAT-TECH sleeveless top under my denim shirt (find out more here). It definitely keeps me warm and comfortable. 




Saturday, May 9, 2015


photographed by James Nicklaus Yap


wearing : Trench Coat & Bottom - Zara // Top - Jay Jays // Scarf - H&M // Boots - Valley Girl // Candy Bag - Furla // Watch - Daniel Wellington // Bangle - Soufeel Jewelry 

Let's open up our autumn/winter wardrobe. To be honest, nobody really wants these two seasons changed over the perfect endless summer where everybody seemed really live their lives to the fullest. I feel you. I mean, I do love the cold season where I can just possibly stack everything on my petite-size body to feel warm enough and still look stylish (at least in my state of mind), but I can not lie summer is my favorite.

But, back to reality.
Sydney has been so chill lately, with its compromising weather forecast app on my phone that was saying sunny but I can't really handle so-cold-breeze that runs through my skin. Lucky that someone has invented scarf.
Scarf is one of the must-have-item for Autumn/Winter. it warms you 50% from what a coat would do. Scarf would be a really good invest for your winter wardrobe.






I am using Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Eyeshadow, I am a make up beginner, I would say :)


See this beautiful piece? Yup, I was wearing this on this post.
This collection is from SOUFEEL Jewelry, I picked my own charms and bangle and create this adorable accessories.
You too now can have your own! I have teamed up with Soufeel Jewelry to give you special treatment.
This is how it simply work :
1. Go to (they shipped worldwide.....)
2. Pick your favorite (they have some specials on top of this collab)
3. By the end of your shopping when you are processing your payment, put 'LENNY5' for 5% discount off your purchase. This coupon is valid until JUNE, 4th 2015. 
Better be hurry sisters (&brothers too, who would probably shops for their loved ones)

Monday, May 4, 2015


wearing : Top - T-Bar // Flare Skirt - Ally Fashion // Oversized Denim Shirt - NewVintageStore

I have a huge crush for Sunset and Sunrise currently and I don't think it will ever stop. If you are following me on Instagram, you know what my current feeds are; anything about sun either it is sunset nor sunrise and beach. The main focus is not only at the sun itself, but moreover to the sky's shades that make it even better.

This was my very first sunset experience at Sydney Observatory Park about couple weeks ago. One thing I would recommend you about chasing sunset (I call myself  "sunset and sunrise chaser" :p) is time prediction. This is really important because if you are late for even 30 seconds, you will miss the moment. First thing first, open the "Weather" app on your smartphone and determine the sunset time. Then, try to depart 30 minutes earlier (to any sunset spot at your area that you think shows the best view). Get the most comfortable spot to sit or stand (with or without your friends). Enjoy the rest.
Make sure you check the weather properly and choose a clear day (not raining). Let me know if this works for you and I don't mind offer more tips if it doesn't work. Feel free to comment down below or tag me on your instagram picture. Goodluck!

Here's my sunset journey :








Photos are taken by iPhone 6 camera
Location : Sydney Observatory Hill Park|| Watson Rd, Millers Point NSW 2000