Sunday, April 5, 2015

Flower Addict

Photographed by James Nicklaus Yap
Wearing : Plain Shirt - JAYJAYS // Floral A-Line Skirt & Bag - ZARA // 
Black zipper Ankle boots - RUBI SHOES

Have I ever mentioned that I am a flower addict? Oh if I have not, well, I am just like some ordinary girls who loves flower. Nowadays, flower has gone up to another level and been applied beautifully as fabric prints, which is so stunning as always. For that reason, I could never take my eyes off floral prints. 
Technically, it is what I did when I picked this cute little skirt. Its pink-black colour enchants me plus its floral prints, then I peek to the skirt's style which is A-Line Skirt (I've been looking for a perfect one) and I found it. *yey* *hiphip hooray*


I styled the A-Line Skirt with my plain long sleeves shirt as colour neutralizer, and put it together with the new boot from Rubi Shoes that I got on sale (trust me Rubi has soooooooo many cool footwear!). I was on boots hunting with my friend as preparation for winter, and somehow I am pretty excited for winter this year, let's see how will we rock the winter out! :)