Thursday, April 30, 2015



As in the previous postI have mentioned that I went to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Weekend Edition and got the amazing experience of fashion show bringing the best of Australia designers' Spring/Summer 2015/16 collections.
The very first designer collection that caught my eyes is Mr Haryono Setiadi, an Indonesian born designer based in Sydney.  
What I admire from his collections is definitely the printed garments. He offers next season his brushstroke prints, hand woven textile material and unique accessories as its compliments.  


Monochrome Brushstroke Canvas
James Nicklaus Yap| copyrights © 2015



Woven Textile
James Nicklaus Yap| copyrights © 2015


Baby Blue
James Nicklaus Yap| copyrights © 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sun Seeker

Photographed by James Nicklaus Yap
WEARING :: Grey Cropped Jumper - ZARA // Denim Shorts - ASOS // Shoes - CONVERSE // 
Watch - Daniel Wellington // Sunnies - FORCAST // Backpack - Colette by Colette Hayman

People (Australian) said that when April comes, it is time to put your jacket on, because the daylight saving has over and the moon comes earlier than the last 6 months. I must admit that it is pretty chill today even though the sun was out. Because my background is a tropical country before I moved to Sydney 2 years ago, so I am quite excited for winter! It's not the only thing I love about cold weather, there are a lot more to mention. One of those things is to seek the sunlight and walk in the collaboration between winter chill and the sun's heat. I love it!


Moreover, I am wearing my casual-to-go outfit to wander around the city in my spare time. One thing to remember in styling session, that you can never go wrong with Chuck Taylor a.k.a. Converse in any casual outfits! Get your confidence first, pick your favorite, and pair it with your casual-to-go outfits :) Thank me later! ;p







Sunday, April 5, 2015

Flower Addict

Photographed by James Nicklaus Yap
Wearing : Plain Shirt - JAYJAYS // Floral A-Line Skirt & Bag - ZARA // 
Black zipper Ankle boots - RUBI SHOES

Have I ever mentioned that I am a flower addict? Oh if I have not, well, I am just like some ordinary girls who loves flower. Nowadays, flower has gone up to another level and been applied beautifully as fabric prints, which is so stunning as always. For that reason, I could never take my eyes off floral prints. 
Technically, it is what I did when I picked this cute little skirt. Its pink-black colour enchants me plus its floral prints, then I peek to the skirt's style which is A-Line Skirt (I've been looking for a perfect one) and I found it. *yey* *hiphip hooray*


I styled the A-Line Skirt with my plain long sleeves shirt as colour neutralizer, and put it together with the new boot from Rubi Shoes that I got on sale (trust me Rubi has soooooooo many cool footwear!). I was on boots hunting with my friend as preparation for winter, and somehow I am pretty excited for winter this year, let's see how will we rock the winter out! :)





Friday, April 3, 2015

Ground Breaking

WEARING : Pink Knitwear - GAP // Shorts - ROHTELA

As I promise you awhile ago about sharing my playlist, I finally find a moment to sit back and write this article. I am a huge fan of music! And yes I play a musical instrument called guitar, I am not a pro but I can play some songs. But before that, I have something to share to y'all.


Nowadays, I realize as a teenager or teenager transforming into adulthood, we tend to be lack of confidence. It is not particularly come from our inner self but I am pretty sure 80% was because of the society. The society sets a standard for everything (pretty much) and somehow it takes quite effort to fulfill the society's need. Society can come from a small lunch group at school, or your neighbor, or any of social activities or people you are with everyday. A single negative word from someone you know or you do not know can easily bring you down. But you need to understand that staying true to yourself is the most important thing above all. People can tell you this and that but at the end of the day every decision is in your hand :)
Short story : "Do not ever let anyone take you down. Never. Be true to yourself. It is all that matter."


I am not going to lie that I have the perfect life or perfect environment. I am sometimes being told not good enough just because I don't have this perfect Asian skin tone, or the soft silky hair, or my weigh, or body shape or my height. I sometimes heard that I am a bad person just because I can not be the person who they wanted me to be, even some people who I just knew, tell me things that I don't even know I did (I am pretty sure I did not do that) and their sources are the people I do not even know in person. Isn't it funny? :) 
So for whatever I have experienced, I overcame them by sharing them to my closest people or relieve it all with music. Simply tuck in your earphones, headphones, or in your own room, turn the speaker volume to the loudest and sing your heart out along the lyrics. I don't guarantee that your problem is solved but at least you are becoming a better person based on thoughts.
Please feel free if you want to share any stories according to this post. I would not mind hearing them. Send it to my email : 

So here are the songs I would recommend to fix your moods.

  1. Perfect by P!NK
  2. Who You Are by Jessie J
  3. Mean by Taylor Swift
  4. Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth feat Emeli Sande
  5. Both of Us by B.o.B feat Taylor Swift
  6. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
  7. How to Love by Lil Wayne (Christina Grimmie cover)
  8. Who's Laughing Now by Jessie J
  9. Price Tag by Jessie J
  10. Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Hope you enjoy this article and let me know if you have cool recommended songs :)