Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome, 2015.

Top - UniqLo // Shorts - Cotton On // Shoes - Nike // Watch - Swatch // Bag - Roxy


Hello, you are reading my first post of 2015.
I know it's pretty late to publish a new year post kinda thing on January, 4th but it's better too late than never! (Gotcha!)
While writing this post, I was listening to Who You Are by Jessie J. This song is my ultimate mood changer and self reminder while I'm so lost (re: at the lowest point of my life). It reminds myself who I really am, who I really want to be, where do I want to lead myself in the next 5 years, and really focus on my goals. I found so many inspirations in 2014 and I feel the changes in myself and my blog itself. In 2015, I will continue what I've started, improving my blog and (still) getting more inspirations and hopefully I can inspire people :) 

Okay. So, on the second day of 2015, I went to La Perouse. The weather is not that friendly, it's kinda windy and cloudy but warm at the same time.
Lucky I wore this pinkish shirt from Uniqlo's Hawaiian Collection that so comfortable and perfect for summer, paired with high-waisted baby blue coloured shorts and my brand new Nike running shoes on turquoise-pink colour that so perfect for running (of course) and travelling around the city.

xx LN
(Photos by James Nicklaus Yap)







Location : La Perouse, New South Wales, Australia

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