Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Plaids x Animal Print

Top : ASOS // Shorts : H&M // Shoes : TOPSHOP // Bag : ROXY // Necklace : Colette by Colette Hayman


I finally executed this look. Yes Yes Yes! These two pieces (tops & shorts) are on my best buy list.
How I categorize "best buy" is the clothes model, material, price, brand and how unique it is, how I can applicable the piece for events. Sometimes, there are just a lot of things happening at the moment when I decide which piece of clothe should I grab when I run into a shop ;) I'm a big Zara fan, anyways.

This time, I am wearing a sleeveless transparent plaids top from Asos with the unique black leopard print on silky white base shorts is personally unique for me.
I get to show less in more. I did not try hard in showing too much. By pairing them with some touch of black accessories and my Topshop sloppers, it's showing enough to travel around the city on a hot summer day ;)
Hope you enjoy!
xx LN
(Photos by James Nicklaus Yap)




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