Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greetings from The Infamous Bathing Boxes

Dress - H&M // Bag - Colette by Colette Hayman // Shoes - Topshop

Hi everyone, being not able to write a blog post is terrible for me. I am so busy this couple weeks and did not have any chances to run down and shoot some outfits. But I realize I have some photos that I have not posted yet on my PC, and this is a fun one ;)
Bringing you , my dearest readers, The Infamous Bathing Boxes, located in Brighton Beach, Melbourne, VIC :)








Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little White Dress

Everyone may have enough when they hear a word "Little Black Dress" or well-known as LBD.
That's what every woman must have in their closet. But sometimes, some people just could not find the perfect or the right black dress. Not because their size, body shape or etc, but they just can not find the right one.

Well, well, well,
I suggest you to not panic, because fashion industry people are creative and good enough to solve such problem. We are introduced to LBD opposite colour... White.
Just like Little Black Dress, a Little White Dress is one of the main item you need to have in your wardrobe. Either it's a little white party dress, or white summer maxi dress or whatever type of dress.
FYI, half of my wardrobe are in white colour ;)

One of the reasons that most of us could relate to is that any color of your accessories, heels, bags are well paired with a white dress. 
To help you find out the perfect white dress, I've seen quite lot glamour yet simply and stunning affordable white dress on Zalora Indonesia. I have picked some of my favorite that hopefully could give you a clue.
(Images copyrights, Zalora Indonesia)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Plaids x Animal Print

Top : ASOS // Shorts : H&M // Shoes : TOPSHOP // Bag : ROXY // Necklace : Colette by Colette Hayman


I finally executed this look. Yes Yes Yes! These two pieces (tops & shorts) are on my best buy list.
How I categorize "best buy" is the clothes model, material, price, brand and how unique it is, how I can applicable the piece for events. Sometimes, there are just a lot of things happening at the moment when I decide which piece of clothe should I grab when I run into a shop ;) I'm a big Zara fan, anyways.

This time, I am wearing a sleeveless transparent plaids top from Asos with the unique black leopard print on silky white base shorts is personally unique for me.
I get to show less in more. I did not try hard in showing too much. By pairing them with some touch of black accessories and my Topshop sloppers, it's showing enough to travel around the city on a hot summer day ;)
Hope you enjoy!
xx LN
(Photos by James Nicklaus Yap)




Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome, 2015.

Top - UniqLo // Shorts - Cotton On // Shoes - Nike // Watch - Swatch // Bag - Roxy


Hello, you are reading my first post of 2015.
I know it's pretty late to publish a new year post kinda thing on January, 4th but it's better too late than never! (Gotcha!)
While writing this post, I was listening to Who You Are by Jessie J. This song is my ultimate mood changer and self reminder while I'm so lost (re: at the lowest point of my life). It reminds myself who I really am, who I really want to be, where do I want to lead myself in the next 5 years, and really focus on my goals. I found so many inspirations in 2014 and I feel the changes in myself and my blog itself. In 2015, I will continue what I've started, improving my blog and (still) getting more inspirations and hopefully I can inspire people :) 

Okay. So, on the second day of 2015, I went to La Perouse. The weather is not that friendly, it's kinda windy and cloudy but warm at the same time.
Lucky I wore this pinkish shirt from Uniqlo's Hawaiian Collection that so comfortable and perfect for summer, paired with high-waisted baby blue coloured shorts and my brand new Nike running shoes on turquoise-pink colour that so perfect for running (of course) and travelling around the city.

xx LN
(Photos by James Nicklaus Yap)







Location : La Perouse, New South Wales, Australia