Monday, November 2, 2015

Mmmm, November.

Shot on iPhone 6
NOVEMBER, again.
The Northern Hemisphere's fallen leaves.
The Southern Hemisphere's blooming Jacaranda, sunscreen SPF +30 ready.
November, here we are again.

wearing :
White Jumper and High Waisted Jeans - Romwe

Photographed by yours truly.

It's the time of the year again. It's November again. It's the turn of Scorpio takes over again; where astrology turns its focus on explaining how mysterious, sexy, dark or interesting this sign is. Well, I am not an astrology expert, I just love reading star sign column on magazine every month to find out what is going to happen to my sign. I am a scorpion... but I guess 'sexy' is not a perfect entitled, at least not now.  


I am munching two bars of Uncle Toby's Choco Chip muesli bar already while writing this article, about to crush into the third one with Disclosure ft. Lorde - Magnets on repeat (I'm obsessed with how sexy Lorde is in the music video), I hope you don't mind with me babbling here. When it hits November, I am a little scared yet intrigued. It's my birthday month, and this year I am turning 21-- the "official adulthood" birthday as how Australian celebrates it. I still have visions in my head that yet accomplish. They said it is not a one night dreams come true but you need to work hard for another day, another month and it even take years to build everything. Complicated, yet?  
Let's not discuss about my +1 age. These photos below were taken yesterday at the newly opened Barangaroo Reserved Park. Enjoy. xLenny.



Sunday, November 1, 2015

Semi Formal on Summer


 #HaleBobforRockmans Summer 2015

wearing : 

Sleeveless White Top - Hale Bob for Rockmans 
Split Skirt - Chic-a-Booti Fashion 
Navy Strips Wedges - ZARA 
Tribal Clutch - Amber Rose by Rockmans 
Lips - Russian Roulettes by Topshop

Photographed by James Nicklaus Yap



You'd probably remember the launch of #HaleBobforRockmans on mid September (If you don't, here is the recap). The collection has hit Rockmans stores, all over New South Wales. I am filled with excitement to share this with you. How can I not be so excited? The designer of Hale Bob, Daniel, brought his strong tropical and tribal prints, throwing colours on maxi dresses, maxi skirts, eye-catchy prints on the offered Tops which are beach perfect, semi formal or even formal looks matched, or 'a day in the city' friendly. 

On this opportunity, I bring the semi formal look to the table. 
A black and white outfit with a pop of tribal clutch and strips navy wedges by the water.
This white sleeveless top from #HaleBobforRockmans is not as plain as you thought it is. Just pay some attention on its flower textured embroidered, the cut-outs and its V-neck. Heat-endure just so perfect for any summer days. I am also obsessed with split skirts. The split on the skirt gives you the extraordinary compliment from any other skirts :) This outfit is very recommended if you have any upcoming parties, your friends' semi formal themed party, or any events that require semi-formal outfit. Don't forget to visit Rockmans instore or online to find out more about the collection. Happy mix-matching! :) x Lenny


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spring Inspired Outfit



wearing : 
Loosen White Top - Rockmans
Denim Short - Rohtela 
Sneakers - Converse

On this outfit post, I am wearing this super comfortable long-sleeved white bohemian styled top from Rockmans that I wore to Rockmans x Hale Bob Launch and I thought it is really perfect for such unstable weather which goes hot then cold then hot again. It still gives you that breeze and "space" to breathe and definitely perfect for spring and summer. Not to forget, loosen white top is so IN right now (must-have item!). Ever since they did not have a size 8, I chose the smallest out of all which happened to be 10 and it still looks perfect.I paired it up with the denim shorts with a little of white element in the front and a line of flower at the back of the jeans, which was also sent to me in a complete bigger size than I normally wear, so I decide to put my belt on (I got it from KMart). Photo was taken at Westfield Sydney (Pitt Street Mall) where I stood right people were passing by and giving those stares but you gotta do what you're doing anyway. I hope you found your spring/summer inspired from this post. Talk to me on Instagram, Twitter (links are right on your right corner) or simply comment down below what you think! :)  -Lenny






Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thrift Shop and Matcha


I apologize for postponing this post that supposed to be up last Sunday. But here I am updating latest venture to Glebe Market for thrift shopping.  
Earlier the day, I went to Cafe Cre Asion to fulfill my Green-Tea-Lover desire on its famous Green Tea Chocolate Fondant. The presentation of the cake itself is simple and sophisticated, it tasted so so so so good. I had green tea latte, as always, at that visit. Over all, Cafe Cre Asion is absolutely recommended for y'all sweet tooth out there. Luckily I did not get drunk of consuming too much green tea, even I wouldn't mind at all.






This was my first time going to the Flea Market. Glebe Market only opens on Saturday from 10 A.M. until 4 p.m. It does not only sell secondhand collections but also the brand new clothes, bags, and cute accessories, and it has so many food stalls. I set the limit for myself before purchasing, that I would only buy any secondhand item under $25 (twenty-five dollars). I was full on excitement to see what I can find and how deep is my vintage soul. Not disappointing that I actually went home with four items; 2 dresses, 1 Jacket, 1 Top and I spent $60 in total. If you were there with me, you would've seen my smiley face all the way home and my crazy excitement. (PS : There weren't as many picture of the stalls as what it is at the market, because some owners would prefer "no picture taken" of their stall








Saturday, September 26, 2015

Goes Vintage


I went thrift-shopping today at Glebe Market, I have wanted to do thrift-shop from long time ago and finally hopped on the bus and take myself there. I wanted to put all the documentation in one post, but then I decided to divide them into two. This post is my outfit inspired for thrift-shopping.
(If you were wondering why I was wearing a knitted sweater over my dress, it's because Sydney's weather is totally unpredictable)
Underneath the knitted top is a beautiful collared floral dress I got around 4 years ago, which has a really beautiful watery-painted flowers on the fabric. The spikes cowboy boots is just the perfect pair to go. I was thinking to put sneakers on, then I realized I haven't really wore this boots ever since I bought it. 

By the way, on top of today's venture to Glebe Market, I was inspired to have my own booth A.K.A. I wanted to sell my barely worn clothes and barely used stuffs, I feel like there will be a better owner of the items that I currently own. To the Sydneysiders, please come and kindly visit me if I ever opened one :)







Sunday, September 13, 2015

Shades of Grey



Photographed by James Nicklaus Yap
wearing :
Long sleeves Grey Sweatshirt- Zara
Monochrome squares shorts - Zara
TIGA Snake Skaters Shoes - TopShop
Tribal clutch - Amber Rose Accessories 

I know what you all think about when you read the title of this post; yup, Mr. Grey. But unfortunately I am not here to cover any outfits related to the movie. You may say that I am a big fan of Fifty Shades series (I have read all the books, and watched the very first movie.. not so impressed). Well, let's move on :)


This outfit is casual daily outfit that you can wear to movies with friends or catch up with friends in the day time. Grey gives you the shades that not plain yet not too much. What you need to know is not so many colours can go along with grey, especially when you blend items with different colours on top of grey, you could be dressing too much for a day time essential.

To make a grey stood out, pick the pieces that have patterns and prints or combine the plain grey tees/sweatshirt/sweater with patterns. I wore a plain sweatshirt and matched it with squares patterned shorts and snakes prints skater shoes. These three items have given me the neutral colour between black, white and grey, so I threw a bold statement clutch with tribal prints to really make the whole outfit stood out.





Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hale Bob for Rockmans Launch

Summer '15



Incredible first week of September (which means here comes spring, yay!) started with an amazing summer preview invitation by Pretty Girls Fashion Group that covers Rockmans, beme, W. Lane, Table Eight and Amber Rose. What special about this summer is Rockmans brought along Hale Bob's designer, Daniel Bohbot, from Los Angeles. Hale Bob is known for its print, its silky and sexy and how the design and clothing stood out itself. Not to mention that Hale Bob is loved by many Hollywood celebrities.
Dreaming of Hale Bob along with Rockmans clothing is impressive yet exciting for the summer. Just in case if you are updating your wardrobe for new seasons, this collaboration is for you. Not that I have been eyeing on some gorgeous pieces, but Summer is the time when you want to enjoy the sun, show some skin and look as good and as bold in prints. This collection is not only your beach days ready look but also festival looks. Prepare yourself to get inspired. -LN x










A part from the collection launch itself, we were presented the other brands by Pretty Girls Fashion Group spring/summer preview. Amber Rose's accessories collection is to die for, it is so festival ready yet it is a bold statement to wear on daily basis. Both ways are accepted. I also met and talked to some people from PGFG, and some bloggers. Time to add new friends :)




The lovely Danielle Jade from Pretty Girls Fashion Group

Girls from Pretty Girls Fashion Group

With Blogger Adela from Styliminal and Photographer James.

With Blogger Caroline Ng from The Basic Babe and Photographer Daryl Ariawan


wearing :
White Blouse -   Rockmans
Black One Sided Skirt -     Bardot
Bag -       Furla
Boots - Valley Girl