Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tell Me How to be Fierce.


I am a person who is really bad in face expression for photos.
 The hardest expression for me is to look serious, like fierce kinda thing.
 I've tried couple times on my previous posts to pose serious-face-but-still-look-cool and ended up fail.
(if you do not mind scrolling down)
Hopefully, I made it on this post. Comment below if you disagree :)



Anyways, Sydney just hit Spring, but the weather is just awful; raining, windy, till the cold chilled me to the bone.
Well, it did not stop me from wearing this pink top with laser cut on the bottom from Dotti I bought last summer,
and I found this super comfort B&W plaid legging pants from Uniqlo to pair with.
 If you are wondering why my lips are in different colours on some photos here,
it was because these photos were taken at two different time in one day due to rain :)


I just got new lipstick from Revlon in a really cool colour, by the ways.
I will reveal it soon !! :) *yeay*





Double Zip Jacket -- TARGET //
'Happy' Pendant Necklace -- ROMWE.COM //

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