Saturday, May 3, 2014


Summer fever is still lingering in my head. Beaches.... Summer dresses.. Floral print.... 

Who went to beaches on a cold Autumn day? I do! :) 
I went to Coogee today. I know it sounds a bit insane. It was 13 or 12 degrees (not really sure) in the afternoon and I feel like owning the beach for an hour. No one goes to beaches on a cold day, but trust me, some people do swimming!!! I had lots of fun taking photos and enjoying this rare scenery you could not see in Summer :)
I was wearing my floral print dress, paired with my favorite coat and boots in red. This red coat is really comfy and warm. 

More photos :

(ignore my teeth :/)
IMG_2623 IMG_2666 IMG_2653 IMG_2660 IMG_2668 IMG_2631 IMG_2664 IMG_2637


Red Coat -- ZARA || Floral Dress -- J.Rep || Night Festival Bag -- ROXY || Red Boots -- RUBI SHOES ||