Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ordinary People


Today was a really cold day, and I'm surprised that I could resist this weather. I wore this high waist pants and I suddenly look taller ;)
I'm around 157cms tall (the last time I measure it) and high waist pants will make petite people look a bit taller :)







Skull Grey Tanktop from COTTON ON || Light Blue High Waist Pants from JAY JAYS ||
Red Boots from RUBI SHOES from COTTON ON || Black Blazer from HongKong ||
"Happy" Gold Necklace from ROMWE

Monday, April 21, 2014

Burning Emerald


HAPPY EASTER, pretty readers! Hope you had a wonderful ones :)
I really enjoyed doing nothing this long weekend but well, still manage to take some pictures. I was wearing emerald A-line midi skirt. I know it looks too big on me but it is actually my size :p






\Transparent Long Sleeves Shirt from GUESS || Green A-Line Midi Skirt from CHICWISH ||
Black Ankle Boots from VALLEY GIRL || Candy Bag from FURLA

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Black & White

Sydney's weather is the worst nowadays. The climate change is crazy. And it was really hard to take photos but luckily, though under the light rain in the end, I was be able to get some photos of today's outfit :)
Unpacking my winter clothes (read : jackets, coat, sweaters) as preparation of the coming up cold weather. 

In this post, I was wearing this long sleeves shirt I brought Giordano winter last year and skater skirt. I loveeeee skirt. Maybe 60% in my bottoms wardrobe are skirts :3 (not included dresses). Well, I just feel confident wearing them and plus, you can wear skirt for informal and formal occasion and you will still look chic and stunning :)


Nude Jacket from HongKong || Black&White Square Patterns Long Sleeves Shirt from Giordano ||
Zipped Embroidered Skater Skirt from ROMWE || Ankle Boots from Valley Girl

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Well, I put a little bit more efforts on photos for this post. DST just ended at 3 AM this morning and everything went back to normal.  Sydney's weather is not friendly at the moment. It started to feel cold thought it is autumn, but well, short is still allowed and I love this navy long sleeves with skulls studded coz it's really warm inside and of course, it's navy *tehee*

I want to share a little thought that came out these days, about what are you gonna do if some people tell you they do not like what you are doing (in good/positive ways) for some reasons. We can't control what they gonna talk about, but at least we are able to control what are we showing to society. When you give less, they received less, and vise versa. I don't know why they did so, maybe their life is miserable and they have nothing to do, or probably they are jealous, etc. And somehow what they say is so mean that it's bringing you down, and break your confidence. Even worse, they try to push you over the edge then you stop what you doing and become miserable so they got a partner. This is pity and you need to show them that what you do is something useful, at least for yourself. You have to let them know that you are going to be you no matter what they say :) #proudtobeyourself

Lipstick by Chanel Rough Allure 104 :)

Navy Blue Long Sleeves from SES FASHION || Patterns Short from PAPER SCISSORS ||
Red Envelope Clutch from Online Shop || Black Sequinze Sneakers from Hong Kong